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    Each quarter, students are encouraged to set goals for their independent reading.  Our Accelerated Reader program will help them to track the number of books they have successfully read and comprehended.  Based on their testing results over the course of each quarter, students will be eligible to earn Dog Tags indicating the number of "words read."  This is a cumulative total that will be recorded at the close of each quarter.


    100,000 Words Read Club - Grades K-2Students in grades K-2 will begin earning awards at each of the goal points below.  Students may exceed the goals and be eligible for Millionaire's Club goals as well.
    Millionaire's Club- Grades 3-6: Students in grades 3-6 will begin earning awards at each of the goal points below.


    100,000 Words Club - K-2 Millionaire's Club - 3-6
    10,000 Words Read       250,000 Words Read
    25,000 Words Read 500,000 Words Read
    50,000 Words Read 1,000,000 Words Read
    100,000 Words Read 2,000,000 Words Read
      3,000,000 Words Read
      4,000,000 Words Read
      5,000,000 Words Read