Projects      50%
    Several projects require a writing assignment accompanying the artwork-OR-it will not be accepted. Project due dates are posted on Infinite Campus. These are the dates that the class will have completed the project in class. Once this date has passed, students, may take an incomplete project home to finish. Students have one week to turn a project in without losing credit. If a project goes beyond the one week grace period, it will then lose a letter grade/week late after the original grace period has passed. Late projects that have met all of the criteria will always be accepted for partial credit.

    Sketch Book    30%  

    Homework will be assigned on a Tuesday or Wednesday of each week. Students will have one week to complete the assignment in their sketch book and have their sketch book in class to be checked on the following Tuesday or Wednesday. Late homework assignments will be accepted for partial credit (there is no grace period for the homework assignments).

                                                                                On Task  20%

    20% of the Students grade is based on their class/time management. Task grades will be accessed on Progress Reports and on the quarterly report card. If they are they are making good progress and their projects are up to date The task grade will refledt that.

                                          Required Classroom Supplies

    Students are required to have the following supplies: a wooden number 2 pencil, a set of 24 color pencils, a latex-free eraser, a sketchbook and a handheld pencil sharpener. Students should also have their backpacks and reading books.