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    Book Donation

    What happens to my donation?

    We are delighted to receive your donation.  The library benefits whether these books or other materials are added to our collection or are sold to help raise funds for new books.

    Does the library accept all books?

    We accept all books.  Books that have the highest likelihood of being added to our collection or placed in our book sale are those that are clean, dry and generally in good condition.  Most textbooks, outdated technology books, workbooks or damaged books with torn or defaced pages are difficult to place or sell.  If the books or materials are not in good condition they must be discarded.  Therefore, instead of donating these books, please recycle them.

    How do I get my donation to the library?

    You may deliver your donation to the library or drop it off in the office if the library is closed.   We are particularly grateful for books and other materials that arrive packed in sturdy boxes.

Last Modified on October 28, 2013