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    Course Overview

    Seventh Grade:  Integrated Global Studies

    Students will understand the relationships and interactions between societies and cultures in both the Eastern and Western Hemishpheres.  United States History will be taught as it intersects with global issues

    To view State Standards click on this link 7th grade AZ State Standards
    Curriculum Overview

    1st  Quarter
    Thinking Like a Historian
    Forms of Government/Economic systems
    Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment
    2nd Quarter
    Revolutions: American, French, Russian
    The Cultural Revolution and Latin American
    Industrial Revolution
    3rd Quarter
    Global Imperialism
    World War I
    Global Depression and Rise of Dictators

    4th Quarter
    World War II
    Cold War and Global Conflicts: 
    Korean War, Vietnam War,
    Arab-Israeli Conflict and Gulf War

    Current Events, Economics and Geography are also explored through out the year.

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