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      Arizona State Library - Free online resources for Arizona residents. (Hint: have to know an Arizona Zip Code i.e. 85298)

    Chandler Public Library 

    Maricopa County  Library


    Destiny - Liberty's Library Catalog and Internet Search Engine 


    The search engine that everyone's using.


    Search engine Bing  

    Ask Jeeves for Kids
    A great search engine for kids. Just type in a question on the screen and wait for the answer!


    This website is a directory of web sites designed for child-safe searching.

        Frogs, civil war, ancient civilizations, dinosaurs….
    This is an extensive, free, safe site is easy to navigate and provides students  with the same quality
    of information as the reputable
    DK books.  It’s recommended to ages 7+. 
    Online dictionary and thesaurus


    Yahoo Kids
    This site has fun activities, games, helpful information, and jokes just for kids!

    Safe search for kids by kids
    Fact Monster
    This site is loaded with facts for students including a searchable atlas, almanac, dictionary, and encyclopedia.
    Novelist Plus

    Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition
    Tons of information is available at this online encyclopedia!

    An online encyclopedia!
    Online encyclopedia
    Online encyclopedia

    Great Website for Kids

    The name of this website tells it all!
    Homework help for all grades.

    Information Please!

    This site includes timelines, homework help, study advice and writing tips.
    Duck clipart  
    Kids Click
    A web search for kids,
    created by librarians!
    Kids Info

     Kids infobits clipart

    The Search Page
    This page is a directory of over 200 links to informative websites!
    Opposing Viewpoints in Context

    Opposing viewpoints clipart
    Kid's Search Tools
    An excellent link to children's search engines.

    U.S. History Information

    US history logo clipart  

    Kids Konnect
    A safe Internetgateway for kids...created and maintained by educators.
    National Geographic Kids

    national geographic kids clipart  


    Goldmine of Information
    Here you will find search forms for the major Internet search engines for kids, Internet search engine links, links to web guides for kids, some specialized search engine forms and specialized search engine links of interest to kids. At the bottom there are links to family friendly or general WWW filtered search engines and links to more pages like it.

    Ivy's Search Engine Resource

    This site is packed with kid-friendly reference materials, author websites, search engines, games and book trailers, is designed to provide a fun, interactive learning experience to get students motivated to learn on their own!

    Find rhymes, synonyms, definitions, and more!


    Super What? Super Why!

    The show SUPER WHY is a preschool series designed by the Department of Education and the Public Broadcasting System to help kids ages 3 to 6 develop the critical skills that they need to learn to read: alphabet skills, word families, spelling, comprehension and vocabulary.

    Click here for TV Listings

    SUPER WHY Web is the online companion to the television series. Like the show, the mission of the site is to help kids learn key reading skills, including alphabet, word families, spelling and reading comprehension, through interactive online games and activities.

    Click here for online games and activities


    Databases for Elementary Students

    Resources for Learners

    High School and Junior High

    Elementary Students

    Arizona Research Topics

    Arizona  Almanac

    Arizona Constitution Timeline