• Who can apply for NJHS?

    7th graders currently enrolled in at least one Honor's class or one CATS class at Santan Junior High with quarter grades of all A's and no more than 2 B's will be eligible to apply for NJHS during their 4th quarter of 7thgrade.  PLEASE NOTE: letters advising students of their eligibility are no longer sent to the classrooms.

    Eligible students will need to print an application packet and two teacher recommendation forms.   All necessary forms will be available on the NJHS website Friday, March 31st, 2017.  Be sure to give your two teacher recommendation forms to your teachers by Friday, April 7th, 2017 to give your teachers enough time to complete them.  You will need to turn in your application packet to Mrs. Olson in room 50 (classroom inside the library) no later than Thursday, April 13th, 2017 by 4:15 PM. Late packets will not be considered for any reason.  It is not recommended that you turn your packet into the office or leave in the mailboxes.   

    Then, a faculty council of teachers that does not include the NJHS advisor will score each application. All students who score above the required amount of points will be admitted into NJHS.  If students do not score enough points, they will not be inducted into NJHS.  Acceptance is based off of the principles of NJHS:

    -Scholarship: Students must take at least one upper level course (Honor's or CATS) with no more than two B's on quarter grades.

    -Leadership: Demonstrate leadership within the community, school, or at home

    -Service: Previous volunteering experience and a desire to continue to serve the school and community.

    -Character: Outstanding references from two teachers. You must give the recommendation form to your teachers by the deadline to provide them with enough time to complete the form.  Eligibility will be revoked if an office referral for a serious behavior infraction was earned or more than 3 CARES during 7th grade.

    -Citizenship: NJHS members are excited to be at Santan and demonstrate pride in the school and community.



    How will I be informed if I made it into NJHS? -

    It is the responsibility of the student to see if they have been accepted. Notices of acceptance will not be sent. Students will pick up a letter that will inform them of their admittance after school in Room 50.  If accepted, an induction ceremony will officially recognize the admission into Santan's chapter of NJHS.


    The induction ceremony will be in late May.  As soon as students are inducted, they may begin counting any volunteer hours. 

    NJHS is not for everyone. Students who stand out as leaders in their school and community arecommitted to community service are encouraged to apply. 
    Were you inducted at your old school? Membership does transfer, so if you were inducted into NJHS in your old school, you will be automatically included in SJHS chapter of NJHS!
Last Modified on March 27, 2017