Picture of Elementary Linear Algebra textbook by Howard Anton, 11th Edition  

    Course Content

    ·      Our text for first semester will be Elementary Linear Algebra by Howard Anton (11th Edition).  We will cover chapters 1 through 8.

    ·     Subjects covered are:
             1. Systems of Linear Equations
             2. Matrices
             3. Determinants
             4. Vector Spaces
             5. Inner Product Spaces
             6. Linear Transformations
             7. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors 

    ·      There is no additional required text for 2nd semester.

    College Credit

    ·      Chandler Gilbert Community College Dual enrollment is available for both semesters. The fall semester is Linear Algebra (MAT225) and is worth 3 credits.  The spring semester is a math topics course and does not have a course number. Most major universities (but not all!) accept community college transfer credit.  You should check with a specific university if you have any questions about their policies.  More information about dual enrollment will follow.

    ·      There is no AP exam for this course.  The content of this course is sophomore level college and is taught by very few high schools.


    ·      The assignment sheet handed out in class is a tentative schedule of homework and tests.  It is subject to change.

    ·     Homework will be organized and kept in OneNote.

    ·      All students are expected to spend a minimum of 5 hours per week on linear algebra homework.

    ·     Assignments will normally be turned in "electronically," and are due prior to the start of class on the due day.  Once set up, this should be done using the Homework section of your OneNote notebook.  If work is not actually done in OneNote, pictures of the homework can be sent directly to OneNote using the OfficeLens app, or pasted into OneNote as a picture file.  Ensure your name is visible on the page if using photos of the work.  Each graded assignment will be worth from 0 to +4 points


    ·     Quizzes will be worth 50 points. Tests will be worth 100 points.

    ·     Assessments are 85% of the semester cumulative grade.

    ·      We will use a 90-80-70-60 grading scale.

    ·     Tutoring is normally available every day after school, other times may be coordinated.

    ·    A graphing calculator (e.g. TI84 Plus CE) is recommended.  CAS graphing calculators which perform symbolic manipulation may not be allowed for tests or quizzes.
     ·    Students are encouraged to bring tablet to class.  OneNote can be used on Android, Apple and Windows systems.    

    Classroom Rules/Consequences

    ·      Rules and behavior consequences are in accordance with the Student Handbook.

    ·     Use of profanity is unacceptable.

    ·     If tardy without a pass, attendance will be marked tardy. Habitual tardiness will be referred to administration.

    ·     No food or drink (except water) is allowed in the class without prior permission.

    ·     Do not use electronic devices for personal communication with others outside the classroom.