• The traffic pattern at Shumway Leadership Academy is designed as separate areas to ensure student safety and consistent parent accessibility.  For the safety of your child, please follow all traffic procedures. Assisting our traffic flow is the Safety Patrol made up of 5th grade students as well as our staff.  Look for them in their saftey vests!  Please be considerate of others when following our traffic rules. Every child at Shumway Leadership Academy is deserving of all the care, time and extra effort it takes to provide a safe walking or riding environment.
    Neighborhood carpooling is encouraged whenever possible to reduce the number of vehicles traveling in and out of the school.  If parents choose to walk their child, we ask that you please model safe procedures for all students (especially those unescorted) by only using the designated crosswalks.  Thank you for your respectful adherence of our established traffic patterns so that are staff can safely monitor and protect every child.
Last Modified on March 8, 2019