AP Government Test
    All AP Government students are expected to sit for the AP Government Test!
    ALL AP Gov students are expected to have a spiral notebook to keep all of their notes, vocabulary, and assignments in. Books will go home the first day and students are expected to keep up with all readings throughout the semester. All assignments are available via Planbook or by clicking on the Lesson Plans .
    Late Work Policy:

    Students will have a number of days equal to the number of days absent (the absence must be excused within 24 hours of the beginning of the class period missed) in which to turn in all absent work.   

    Work missed due to tardies and truancies cannot be turned in or made up. All work is due on the date specified (except for excused absences). Period absences will not be an excuse for turning in late work.   If a student is on campus for any portion of the school day, he or she must turn in the work that is due ON THAT SAME DAY, regardless of whether or not the student attends class, and of the reason for the period absence.
    The expectation of students taking an AP course is that they are working towards taking the Advanced Placement exam at the end of the school year in May.  In preparation for that exam, we strongly suggest that students secure an Albert.IO license which will be available for purchase within the first five weeks of school.  We have used this online program over the past few years and students who have used the program have overwhelmingly been more prepared for their exams.  Additionally, the program provides diagnostics for teachers to assess the student progress on a continuous basis which allows for more directed feedback and additional help when necessary.  This is something that the entire AP Social Studies team supports, as we firmly believe this creates the best outcomes for all of our students.