6th Grade

    Classroom Agreements

    This year Bologna is implementing Stephen Covey’s Leader in Me Program.  Sixth graders are spending the first two weeks of school learning The 7 Habits for Highly Effective People.

    Scorpion Bucks

    This year in 6th grade, each quarter students will start with 10 Scorpion Bucks. Throughout the quarter, they have various opportunities to show stellar behavior and earn more money. If students display inappropriate behavior, they will lose money. The purpose is to reward students for classroom participation and meeting expectations both in and out of the classroom. All “bucks” should be kept in backpacks to prevent being stolen or lost. Money can be earned or lost in any of the sixth-grade classrooms or at Block/Specials.

    If any of the agreements are broken, the following consequences will be implemented:

    1st Offense - The student will be given a verbal warning.

    2nd Offense - The student will lose a “Scorpion Buck”.

    3rd Offense - The student will lose another “Scorpion Buck” and receive a behavior point

    4th Offense - The student will receive another behavior point, be removed from the classroom (sent to the office or to our buddy classroom), and parents and/or principal will be informed.


     Ways to Earn Bucks

    Superb behavior $1

    Showing leadership/taking initiative $1

    Exceptional organization $1

    Exceptional responses $1

    Showing compassion $1

    Active participation $1



    Possible Penalties:

    Tilting in chair $1

    Speaking out $1

    Unfocused    $1

    Restroom during class $1

    Untidy floor area $1

    Hat on in class $1

    Not following along (reading) $1

    Chewing gum $1

    Inappropriate behavior in line $1


    ·         Students have the opportunity to receive up to $10 for no missing assignments and no behavior points on Friday.

    ·         Penalty amounts will increase with each quarter.




    At the end of each quarter, each teacher will hold an auction.  Some of the items placed in the auction may be candy, various toys, Gatorade, etc.  The students will see the items and then bid against each other until the highest offer is accepted.  Those students who have made the most money during the previous weeks will have the best chance at “buying” the auction items.  Feel free to donate items for our auction.


    1.     Students may NOT share money or pool money together to buy an expensive auction item.

    2.    Students may NOT handle other students’ money.

    3.    If a student has no money left, they will be required to serve community service during lunch to pay their “debt”-This may involve picking up trash, sharpening pencils, cleaning bookshelves,  




    Accountability Points

    ·         Students who demonstrate leadership and responsible behaviors will get to attend Fun Friday recess.

    ·         A Behavior Point will be given to students who disrupt learning or exhibit inappropriate behavior in or out of the classroom.

    ·         Point Cards- It is the student’s responsibility to keep their point card in their academic binder at all times.  This is their ticket to go to Fun Friday at the end of the week.  If they lose their point card it is an automatic loss of Fun Friday. 


    Homework Policy

    ·         All previously given assignments are due within the first five minutes of the student entering the classroom.  It is considered LATE if it is finished in class.  

    ·         Effort Grades-Some classroom assignments maybe graded on a percent scale for effort attempted or amount completed. Homework is not typically given without sufficient time to finish in class, so they are considered classroom assignments.  (This excludes large projects)

    ·         Late Work-Students may turn in assignments late, but will be subject to partial credit.  (Does not include absent work.)


    Absent Work

    • Students are required to make up all missing work when they are absent. It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to find out what assignments were given while they were absent.  Each teacher has different procedure for assignments.   
    • It is essential that the STUDENT take responsibility for ALL missing work from the day he/she was absent.
    • No assignments will be given ahead of time for extended planned absences.  Students must make up missed assignments upon their return. 




    • Please feel free to use the Parent Portal on Infinite Campus to check for missing assignments and current grades.  All progress reports and report cards will be online this year.  If you need paper copies, please let us know.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to have you sign their Academic Notebooks each week.  By signing this, you state that you are aware of missing assignments, weekly progress and the number of behavior points they have received on their point card.  Academic Notebooks must be signed by a parent by Tuesday of the following week or they will receive a homework point for not completing an assignment.
    •  Fun Friday is our earned incentive for each week. This will be either an extra recess or a free game time in the room.  Students may ONLY attend if they have received no more than 1 behavior point for the week. 



    Please sign below:

    I have read and understand the requirements and expectations for this year.

    Student Name (Print):____________________________________

    Student Signature: ____________________________________

    Parent Name (Print):____________________________________

    Parent Signature: ____________________________________


    Reminder:  Curriculum Night Aug 3.  Session 1 5:00-5:45

                                                                Session 2  5:45-6:30 (repeat of information)


    Robin Kinderknecht

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