• Foundations

    Foundations Key Concepts: Big Geography, and Peopling of the Earth
    Early Civs
  • Hunter-gatherer societies during the Paleolithic Era (Old Stone Age):
    • Were nomadic(migrated in search of food, water, shelter)
    • Invented the first tools, including simple weapons
    • Learned how to make fire
    • Lived in clans
    • Developed oral language
    • Created “cave art
  • Societies during the Neolithic Era (New Stone Age)
    • Developed agriculture
    • Domesticated animals
    • Used advanced tools
    • Made pottery
    • Developed weaving skills
  • Archaeologists study past cultures by locating and analyzing human remains, fossils, and artifacts.
  • Archaeologists apply scientific tests such as carbon dating to analyze fossils and artifacts.
  • Stonehenge is an example of an archaeological site in England that was begun during the Neolithic and completed during the Bronze Age.

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