• Garcia’s Good News


    Welcome everyone!  Here are a few of room 3’s procedures:


    Specials—We are on a 6-day rotation.  But it is really a 3-day rotation.  That means that your child will go to P.E., library and music on different days every week.  Please keep the calendar posted someplace safe such as your refrigerator.  You will need to refer to it the whole year. Below is the schedule for this week.  Remember tennis shoes on P.E. days. 


    Shoes—Please begin teaching your child how to tie their shoes.  If they are still learning, please tie them in a double bow so that they do not come undone.  Ms. Garcia can spend a lot of time tying shoes. Also, if your child chooses to wear flip-flops, please put a spare pair of shoes in their backpacks.  Flip flops often break at school and we have no replacements.


    Dress code—Please make sure that shorts are worn under skirts and dresses.  We spend a lot of time on the floor and the children climb the monkey bars during recess.  Make sure that the straps on shirts are about an inch wide.  No spaghetti straps please.  No inappropriate pictures or language on T-shirts.  Be sure to label all personal items such as coats and backpacks


    Birthdays/Invitations—If you wish your child to celebrate their birthday at school you will need to send treats for all students.  Makes sure that they are easy to handle and store bought.  Mini cupcakes, cookies, lollipops, granola bars etc. are good choices. No cakes or large cupcakes please. You may send invitations to school to be passed out.  The rule is that you have to have one for either ALL the students, just the boys or just the girls.  Don’t worry about having 25 kindergarteners at a party, usually no more than 3-5 students end up attending!


    Water bottles—Students may bring a water bottle to school. Please make sure their name is written on it in permanent marker.  Please no juice or Gatorade.  Water only!  Freezing it is a good way to keep the water cold during the hot months of the year.


    Volunteers—I would love to have help in the classroom working with students, making copies, field trips, helping at special events.  Send me a note with days and times that you would like to come in. I won’t be starting volunteers until the students know the classroom procedures. Then I will contact you.


    Drop Off/ Dismissal—The students should be here no earlier than 8:10am.  The bell rings at 8:30 am. Student need to put their backpacks down by the door and go out to the playground.  If your child eats breakfast, they need to eat before going out to the playground.  Please no running and playing around on the grass or sidewalks.  Please pick up students at their classroom door.  Students who are not picked up at the dismissal time (3:10) will be waiting in the office.  Students who ride the bus/daycare are escorted by an instructional assistant.


    Discipline – Students are expected to follow all classroom and school rules.  In the classroom the students and teacher will follow the TRIBE’s agreements ( Mutual Respect, Appreciations, Attentive Listening, and the Right to Pass.)  Students who chose not to follow the rules will be sent to the “Thinking Chair” (timeout).   A yellow note may be sent home explaining your child’s choices.  You will need to sign this note and return it the next day.  Students who choose to follow the rules will receive a hand stamp at the end of the day.  If your child does not have a stamp, please discuss their behavior with them.  Also, positive behavior will be rewarded with P.A.T. (Preferred Activity Time).  Student will earn point towards doing fun activities such as puzzles, drawing and games.  


    Snacks – It is a long day here at school and little tummies get very hungry and so does my big tummy!  Please help us out by sending in snacks for the students.  Please send in things that 5 year olds like to eat.  Some great choices are animal crackers, goldfish cracker, pretzels, Cheese Its, fruit snacks etc.  Please send in enough to share with the whole class.


    Field Trips – Plain and simple, we don’t get to go anywhere unless we get tax credit donations!!!!  We have to pay for admission to wherever we go, the bus drivers’ pay ($26/hr) and the gas for the buses ($1.36/mile).  A typical trip to the zoo is usually somewhere between $800- $1000.


    Medication:  Please deliver all medications directly to the nurse, even those considered over-the-counter, such as cough drops.  Medications cannot be administered in the classroom or by the child.


    Donations:  The only essential item your child must have is a backpack with his or her name in it.  See attached for a few other items that are greatly appreciated but entirely voluntary. Donating these items helps to make our supply money go a little further. You do not need to label any of the supplies since they become community property and we use them as needed throughout the school year.


    Email – Please make sure I have your email address if you have not already given it to me.   Most communications from the office and newsletters from me will be going home electronically.  If you do not have an email address, please let me know and a hard copy will be sent home instead.  


    Thank you in advance for all your help this year!