English Language Arts - Journeys

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    Chandler Unified School District is excited to announce the adoption of a new language arts program for Kindergarten through 6th grade! This curriculum will provide a comprehensive approach to reading, writing, speaking and listening.

    Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

    Title: Journeys



    Reading:  Literature and Informational Texts

    The primary goal of any reading program is to develop students' abilities to comprehend texts of varied genres and with increasing complexity.  Journeys Common Core fully supports the standards.   Vocabulary associated with this part of the programs includes:

    • fiction
    • informational texts
    • text complexity
    • exemplar texts
    • anchor texts
    • close reading
    • text evidence


    Reading: Foundational Skills

    K-3: Regular application of Phonics and Word Analysis

    4-6: Weekly decoding lessons focus on multisyllabic words, syllable patterns, and morphological analysis.


    Students will receive daily systematic, explicit writing instruction and engage in the full range of writing requires by Common Core – opinion pieces, informative/explanatory pieces and narratives.

    • Each Unit (5 weeks long) features one particular writing mode as its focus, building from short assignments to a two week Reading-Writing Workshop in which students go through the complete writing process.
    • Additionally and a critical part of Journey Common Core is weekly practice in writing to sources.       This means that students will use the Anchor Text to draw upon textual evidence to validate their ideas.


      Speaking and Listening:

      Classroom discussions serve several important functions. They offer teachers a quick assessments of students’ understanding, develop students’ social skills and their speaking/listening vocabularies, and expose students to other points of view.

      Some activities include:

    • Classroom Collaboration
    • Think Through the Text (text-based discussion)
    • Turn and Talk
    • Collaborative Research



      Journeys Common Core provides a measured approach to guiding students in using language. Weekly lessons in Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing are carefully sequenced and build upon one another.