• Science

    Life Science:

    ·   Distinguish between living & non-living things

    ·   Identify the needs of living things


    Inquiry Process:

    ·    Participate in guided experiments/investigations

    ·    Demonstrate safe behavior & appropriate procedures

    ·    Predict results of an experiment/investigation

    ·    Describe spatial relationships (above, below, left, right)


    Earth Science:

    Identify the aspects of weather

    ·   Distinguish between natural & man-made materials

    ·   Compare basic earth materials

    ·   Identify different types of pollution

    ·   Classify ways materials can be recycled


    Physical Science:

    ·   Investigate how applied forces can make things move


    Healthy Behaviors:

    ·   Name & demonstrate healthy behaviors

    o       Personal hygiene

    o       Nutrition

    o       Physical activity

    ·   Recognize different feelings/emotions

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