• Social Studies

    Character Education

    ·  Trustworthiness

    ·  Fairness

    ·  Respect

    ·  Responsibility

    ·  Caring

    ·  Citizenship


    American History:

    ·   Recognize that George Washington was our first president

    ·   Identify Abraham Lincoln

    ·   Recognize that the 4th of July is our nation’s birthday



    ·   Recognize the national symbols

    o American Flag, Bald Eagle, Statue of Liberty

    ·   Name national holidays

    o Thanksgiving Day, President’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    ·  Recognize the Pledge of Allegiance

    ·  Identify current President of the United States

    ·  Recognize that other classmates have varied cultural backgrounds

    ·  Identify the rights and responsibilities of citizenship



    ·   Construct maps of familiar places

    o Bedroom, playground, neighborhood

    ·   Recognize the differences between maps and globes



    ·   Discuss the difference between needs and wants

    ·   Identify various forms of U.S. currency

    ·   Recognize that people use money to purchase goods and services

    ·   Discuss different types of jobs that people do within our community

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