• Welcome!
    Welcome to 7th Grade Math at Bogle Jr. High.  Entrance into junior high is both scary and exciting in the best of situations.  Add to this experience the Covid 19 pandemic and we have a really unique event. We'd like to make your transition into jr. high as smooth and seamless as possible.  I'm sure there will be some challenges, but I am confident with our united effort we can make your 7th grade year successful.  Students who find the most success at Bogle are organized, prepared every day, complete assignments, communicate their needs effectively, and take responsibility for their actions.  These characteristics are universal for success regardless of obstacles that are present.  Listed below is a classroom overview of expectations.
    **These expectations are mainly for in-class learning.  Virtual online learning expectations might vary slightly and will be noted on Google Classroom.   
    This year we will be completing math explorations and activities to understand 7th Grade/Honors (8th Grade) Arizona College & Career Readiness Standards (ACCRS).  We will utilize the Common Core Mathematical Practices in our efforts to understand and apply math concepts.  All students will be expected to participate in classroom activities, share solutions with groups and/or whole class, critique the reasoning of others or justify their own reasoning.  Students will be most successful if they fully commit to being an active participant in explorations and class.

    The book we will be using is Glencoe Math, Built to the Common Core.  It is a consumable book that students may write in daily.  Notes will be written in a composition book.  Most homework assignments will be assigned from the book.  Students MUST bring their book to class every day.  Students are also required to have a durable two pocket folder that will be used to house current and returned classwork.  It is highly recommended that students access the online version of the book and acquire helpful hints, tutor, and extra problems if needed.  Students will be given paper directions on how to access the online book in class.  
    Homework Policy
    Students will be assigned homework Monday-Thursday each week; assignments are written daily in the agenda.  Homework is worth 5 points for each assignment, and awarded if good effort has been shown (all problems attempted) with complete process.  Complete justifications must be present (all work shown), it is not acceptable to just show the final answer.  
    Our purpose is for students to be able to show precise math solutions and justify why their final answers are correct.  If work is incomplete, lesser points will be awarded.  Please put forth the effort to write complete solutions as this is one of the best ways to learn and/or show complete understanding of the concept and maintain a good grade.  Late homework will only be accepted the next day for a score of at most 3 points if work is complete.   Student agendas will be notated when assignments or materials are missing.  Failure to complete homework will negatively affect your learning and your grade so be sure to do it every day assigned!
    Absence Policy 
    Students who are absent have as many days as absent to make up work.  Students are responsible for picking up their absent work, completing it, and turning it in for credit.  If a student misses an assessment (test or quiz), they must complete the quiz/test after school within three days of their return.  Homework assignments will be posted on my webpage "homework calendar" for your convenience when absent.  If it is an extended absence, please see me for assistance.
    Behavior Policy 
    Students will be expected to be active participants in their learning and respectful of everyone in the room. Students who are a distraction to their peers or inattentive in class will be given two re-directions to get back on task.  If a student does not comply, they will be asked to leave the room for a 5 minute adjustment period where they will fill out a "Respect" reflection form.  Once completed, the reflection form will need to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the teacher the next day.  Accumulation of 3 "Respect" forms may lead to a conduct referral.   
    I look forward to working with you to advance your math knowledge this year!!!
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Mrs. Sprowal