• Procedures

    Read 180 Class Procedures

    Beginning of Class

    1.  Go directly to your attendance seat after your folder has been handed to you.

               2.  Get a pencil from your backpack and your reading book.  Put your reading book on top of your folder.
               3.  Listen for general announcements. 

    Direction of movement (clockwise around the room)

            Reading Center to Computers to Tutorial to Reading Center

    Reading Center

    1.Take a seat promptly and check where you are in your book.

    2. Fill our book title and starting page number on your reading log.

    3. Stay focused on your reading.  No talking.

    4. If you are using an audiobook, use CDs on computer as directed.

    5. Choose your seat wisely so you can stay engaged in your book.

    6. When 5 minutes are left, I will direct you to complete your reading log.  Choose a different response each day.

    7. Wait for my signal to rotate.

    TESTING:  You may take a Reading Counts during the reading rotation. 

    OBSERVATION:  I will observe you 2-3 times during the reading rotation and note your on-task behavior.

    Computer Center

    1. Sit at assigned computer (odd numbers).

    2. Put on the headset.  Use carefully.

    3. Log in to Read180.

    4. Go to the Reading Zone first every time you log in.  Always read the passage.

    5. Work during the entire rotation.  I check your minutes after every session.

    6. At the end of the rotation, close out the software and put the headset over the monitor.

    7. Wait for my signal to rotate.

    Tutorial Center

    1. Sit at tutorial table.

    2. Always have your folder and pencil.

    3. Participate fully in lesson and ask questions.

    4. Wait for my signal to rotate.

    End of Class

    1. Return folders to box.

    2. Return to attendance seat for dismissal.

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