Accelerated Reader


    Students are expected to read a minimum of 20 minutes each night at home. Reading should be viewed as an exciting adventure, and choosing an A.R. book at the students appropriate reading level is very important!
    A.R. goals are personal and are determined according to reading level/interest. All students have an AR reading log in their binder to record their daily reading. Students are responsible for completing their reading log daily. Please look at these each week and make sure your child is reading both fiction and non-fiction books.
    Want to monitor your child's A.R. progress?
    Connect to the following Home Connect link -
    Want to find a book's A.R. level, points, and quiz number?
    Connect to the following AR Book Find link -

    To help ensure each student is able to meet their quarterly goal,
    the following percentage milestones should be met:
    1st Quarter A.R. Milestones:
    25%... August 4th
    50%... August18th
    75%... September 2nd
    100%... September 19th