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    Week 1 Assignments - Click on the link below for lessons

    Reading & Writing Lessons

    Saxon Math Lessons

    Cause & Effect / ATI (Galileo Dialogues & Assessments)

    Saxon Lesson 90-95 Solutions

    Saxon Homework Recording Sheet


    Monday: Saxon Lesson 91, p. 582, # 10-13, 21-23, 27-30
    Tuesday: Saxon Lesson 92, p. 588, # 4-13, 20-23
    Wednesday: Saxon Lesson 93, p. 593, # 1-3, 7, 12-15, 26-30?
    Thursday: Review Day
    Friday: Any Galileo/ATI Dialogues & Assessment (Use Galileo Link below)
    Ordering Various Numbers
    Unit 5, Lesson 23, Read the story: "Oliver K. Woodman" on p. 272.
    Read p. 58 in the Common Core Writing Handbook.
    Choose one of your favorite characters from a story.
    Your character was just surprised with their dream vacation...write a dialogue to show your character's surprised reaction.

    **Optional Spirit Day – Career Day – Dress up as what you want to be when you grow up. Post on Teams, Flipgrid, and/or PTO Facebook page with a sentence or two about why you chose that career.

    Re-read the story.
    Complete pgs. 123-124 in the Reader's Notebook.
    Edit & revise your written dialogue.
    **Optional Spirit Day – Building Day – Build a fort, build with LEGO, make a card tower – the options are endless! Post a picture on Teams, Flipgrid, and/or PTO Facebook page showing us your creation!
    Re-read the story.
    Complete pgs. 125-126 in the Reader's Notebook.
    Create a final draft of your dialogue.

    **Optional Spirit Day – Beach Book Day – Grab a towel, sunglasses, and a book.  Pretend you are at the beach! Post a picture on Teams, Flipgrid, and/or PTO Facebook page and tell us what you are reading.

    Thursday - Review day
    **Optional Spirit Day – Chef Day – Put on your “chef’s hat” and help a family member in the kitchen by making a tasty recipe! Use math to help you measure ingredients. Post a picture on Teams, Flipgrid, and/or PTO Facebook page and tell us what you made.
    Math: Galileo/ATI Dialogs and Assessments
    Friday Math lessons & enrichment: Click HERE
    ELA: Cause & Effect Worksheet  



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    **Activities include Journey's Reading, Saxon, and Go Math resources. 

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