• Welcome to a new school year!  As your child’s Language Arts teacher, I am looking forward to meeting and working with each of you to help make your child’s experience in class positive, successful, and rewarding.

    Class Description:  7th Grade Language Arts utilizes the Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards (AZCCRS) as the foundation for instruction, and our daily learning activities and goals are guided by these standards.  The concept of AZCCRS is that we continually revisit and explore the objectives in a variety of ways and strive to deepen our understanding throughout the year.  We believe that the standards in our classroom will help students to find success in their future academic and daily lives.  Please visit corestandards.org or the AZ Department of Education website for more information.


    We will consistently read a variety of texts, write in different formats, and build vocabulary skills.  Students will have the opportunity to read assigned novels in class, while having the freedom outside of class to choose books for weekly reading.  Students will be expected to consistently work with Learning Scales and Goals in order to track their own successes and areas in need of improvement.


    Honors:  Please note - AZCCRS does not distinguish standards for honors classes.  Honors classes use the same learning standards as the planning foundation, though expectations for achievement, lessons, and activities are very different.  Higher level application across the board will be expected in this class.  Learning Goals and Scales are utilized daily to determine student progress.




    Homework:  Students are expected to write classwork and homework in the agenda daily.  This is an excellent resource for communication and for what is happening in our classroom.  Many times the homework will be to finish what we started in class, but students are also expected to read between 90 and 120 minutes on their own.  These hours may be all at once, or throughout the week.  We will also have various writing assignments and /or projects throughout the year.  Please utilize the agenda and the classroom website to monitor our daily activities and assignments.



    Make Up Work: Students are responsible for obtaining make up work.  We have copies in class, and the classroom website is an excellent resource.  Students must attach a late work slip (pink slip) to all work that is not turned in on the assigned due date.   Students should attend tutoring to make up assessments.  Tutoring times may be found on the team website or posted outside classrooms. 


    Assignment Expectations: Students should always demonstrate his/her very best effort on all assignments.  Quality work is the expectation and should clearly demonstrate mastery, knowledge, and skill.  First and last names, date, and period is required on ALL papers handed out or turned in.


    Behavior Expectations: My number one classroom expectation is RESPECT!  We will work together to create an atmosphere of mutual respect that will be evident in all of our interactions.  This expectation is applicable anywhere on campus.  School policies will be enforced in regards to discipline.  Please see the Student Agenda from our Student Handbook.


    This will be a fun year, but it will be challenging at the same time.  Expectations are high for all students, and I expect students to take advantage of support as necessary.  I want the very best for each student.  Please let me know immediately as you have questions throughout the year.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at (480)883-4685.  I’m looking forward to a wonderful and exciting year working with your child.



    Mrs. Meador