Science Fair
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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

There are no past due assignments.

Science Fair 2014-2015

  • Science fair Projects will be due December 15th, 2014.  Projects can be done individually or in pairs.  No more than two people in a group!  If you choose to work in pairs, you must choose someone from the same class period.  There are important due dates that are in the calander and students will have in their agendas. 

    Below is a worksheet to fill out before starting the project:


    Science Fair Brainstorm Worksheet


    A helpful site to help get you started would be:


    Science Buddies


    You will turn in your final project to me via google docs.  You can use the following template in order to help guide you.  It is also posted into Google Docs.  When you are creating your project this is your opporutnity to be creative.  Take pictures while your performing your experiment and put them into your presentation.


    Science Fair Template


    Science Fair topics

    Your project must be entered under one of the following catagories:

    1. Behavioral and Social Sciences

    2. Computer Science

    3. Earth and Space Science



    4. Engineering /Inventions

    5. Environmental Sciences

    6. Life Science

               *Animal Sicnce

               *Plant Science

               *Cellular and Molecular Biology

    7. Mathematical Sciences

    8. Medicine and Health Sciences




    There are projects that must be approved by Chandler School District (amd will be more difficutl). Check to see if you have to fill out and IRB.  If you need to fill out an IRB, tey must be into me no later than October 22nd. 2014.


    IRB Paperwork