• The Gifted Learner Is...


    . Asks the questions

    . Is highly curious

    . Is mentally and physically involved . Has wild, silly ideas

    . Plays around

    . Discusses in detail, elaborates

    . Is "beyond" the group

    . Shows strong feelings and opinions . Already knows

    . Needs 1-2 repetitions for mastery . Constructs abstractions

    . Prefers adults

    . Draws inferences

    . Initiates projects

    . Is intense

    . Creates a new way

    . Enjoys learning

    . Manipulates information

    . Invents things

    . Is a good guesser

    . Thrives on complexity

    . Is keenly observant

    · Is highly self-critical

    Your child may exhibit some, or all of these characteristics. Many resources, articles, and books are available to help parents better understand their gifted child. More information about gifted children and their education can be found through www.nagc.org

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