• Casteel High School

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will junior high and high school have the same bell schedule and start times as the other sites?

    School times will be 7:35 am - 2:25 pm. 

    What will CUSD do to get kids excited for the new school?
    The new principal will visit students at their current schools as well as conduct community meetings to gather feedback from students and parents.  These meetings will be used to establish the culture of the school, gather input on mascot, etc.   
    I’ve heard rumors that this will be a CTA 7-8…is this true?
    No.  This will not be a CTA 7-8.  We will have on-level, accelerated, honors and gifted (CATS) classes, etc.
    What will the name of the new school be?
    The Governing Board voted unanimously on January 14, 2015 to name the new school Casteel High after our current Superintendent, Dr. Camille Casteel.   
    Was consideration given to open the new school with freshman and sophomore classes?
    Yes, but we thought it best not to disrupt sophomores after their 9th grade year. 
    My student currently attends Perry on open enrollment as a 10th grader.  Will his open enrollment be turned down because of the new school?
    No.  The student would still be treated as a returning student at Perry High School and you will need to continue to reapply for open enrollment each year if you wish for him/her to stay at Perry.
    I have a student in 8th grade at Santan Junior High…will I have to Open Enroll to Perry?
    Yes, if the square mile you live in is moved to the Basha High School boundaries.
    Will dual bussing at Payne be for only one year?  
    Yes, current 7th grade students who wish to stay for 8th grade at Payne will receive dual bussing for that year.
    Will current 7th graders going into 8th at Payne have to open enroll to stay at Payne?
    No.  In order to prepare for the opening of the new school, information will be gathered to determine those choosing to stay at Payne.
    If I’m currently at Perry (or Basha) High, will I still have bussing?
    Yes.  Students in grades 9 – 12 currently attending Perry or Basha High School will continue to have bussing until the end of the 2017-2018 school year. 
    I have a student at Perry now and a sibling attending 9th grade next year, will my 9th grader have to go to Basha or will he have to open enroll to Perry to stay with his sibling?   Will transportation be given to him?
    Your student will have to open enroll to Perry and will be given priority status as a sibling.  No, transportation will not be provided.  Families may apply for transportation, but it is not a guarantee as approval will be based on space available.  This may take a minimum of two weeks into the beginning of the school year to determine.  (This response also covers BHS families boundaried to the new school with siblings at BHS).
    Why do we accept open enrollments if Basha and Perry are so full?
    Per board Policy JFB, CUSD accepts open enrollment district wide.  As a district, open enrollments are accepted for students who live in and outside of the district boundaries.  Approval of open enrollment is determined by space available as well as student academics, behavior and attendance. 
    Can boundary exceptions be denied year by year?
    Yes, every year students on an approved open enrollment must reapply.  Unless issues of student behavior, attendance, academics or space on campus are a factor, students are usually accepted each year. 
    When can I open enroll?
    Open enrollment district wide begins in late January.
    Why do our district boundaries even flow into Gilbert and Queen Creek?  Why don’t they stay in Chandler only?
    The district boundaries were set 100 years ago, and as the cities grew around us, our boundaries were annexed by other cities.
    Will the city or the district widen Power Rd?  
    Power Road is governed by three municipalities; Gilbert, Chandler, and Maricopa county.  All three entities would have to agree on any changes.
    Why build a 7-12 grade school and not a stand-alone junior high and high school?
    As a district, we must address enrollment in the southeast area of the district at Payne, Perry and Basha.  The district also believes in providing different options to our families.   Currently, CUSD has large high schools, a small 7-12 (ACP-Erie) and a small 6-8 middle school at Basha high school.  This 7-12 will be another option.
    Will the junior high and high school kids be in separate buildings?  
    No, the school is under one roof with the office in the middle of the building.  The students may cross in the hallways, but will have separate lunches.  The junior high students typically will not be in the same classes with seniors.  This model is currently used at ACP-Erie and has been very successful.   
    How far away from school do you have to live for busing to be provided?
    For secondary, you must live at least 1 ½ miles away from school.  Our transportation department will investigate main streets, street crossings, busy intersections, etc. when determining routes. 
    My kids participate in performing arts.  Will they have a performing arts program?
    Yes, elective courses are based on staff and student demands.  Although the school will not open with a performing arts center, performing arts will be available and performances can be conducted in the gym or the cafeteria until it is completed.
    Because this school will be smaller…will it have sports?
    Yes.  The new school will have football, baseball, softball, track, swimming, golf, basketball, etc., but it will be on a smaller scale.  The enrollment numbers will determine what is offered. 
    When do you think the first year varsity sports will be offered?
    Year three.  At that time, the opening 9th graders will be juniors and at the level most begin to play varsity sports. 
    Looking at projections, what level will the football team be?
    We anticipate Division 3. 
    How will sports and band work only starting with 9th grade?
    Band will be available to students and 9th graders would compete athletically at the freshman level.
    Is the new school intended to be smaller on purpose?  
    Yes, the new 7 – 12 secondary high school is intended to be small. 
    What languages will be offered at the new school?
    Spanish and possibly Mandarin.  The new principal will make this determination based on student class request during registration.
    Is there a plan for a pool?
    No.  The swim team may use other district locations.  
    Will the new school have a public library?
    No, much like Chandler High School, it will have its own library. 
    Will the variety of courses offered be the same as the other high schools?  
    At first, no.  The variety won’t be the same because the student population will be smaller and there may not be much of a demand for some courses.  Eventually, yes, it will be the same as all of our high schools.
    What is included in Phase 2 of construction of the new school?
    Phase 2 will consist of the performing arts center, additional classrooms, and a second gym, at which time it will have a capacity of 2100 – 2300 students. 
    Will there be just one principal?
    Yes, there will be one principal for 7-12 grade.
    Will the new Junior High have CATS (gifted) and honors?

    Identified gifted students will be placed in honors level courses with other CATS (gifted) students as well as with honors students for 7th and 8th grade. They will be marked as gifted and the teachers will work to challenge and differentiate the honors curriculum for them. Additionally, gifted students will have a 30 minute enrichment class once a week that will address social and emotional issues of gifted students as well as study skills and leadership skills.

    Will Perry grow any further, structurally?
    This year a two story building with 15 classrooms was added to Perry High School.  There are no plans to add any more structures to Perry. 
    Will teachers be moved from other schools?
    Teachers may request a transfer if they want to move to the new school.  Teachers who want to transfer will have to go through an interview process to be selected for a position.
    How many acres is the school and what is the square footage of the school?
    This new school will sit on 51 acres, and will be 124,000 square feet (net) in Phase I.