• Helpful Hints for NHS Applicants
    1. When applying, you must submit a cover letter expressing interest and a resume highlighting your school and community involvement. 
    2. When reporting all your activities, honors, leadership positions, and community service, please be sure to write out the titles and do not use abbreviations (ex:  FCA should be Fellowship of Christian Athletes).
    3. For activity hours- approximations are all that are necessary. We just want to see how much time and effort your activities take. Dedication to an activity is just as important as involvement in many activities.
    4. For community service, make sure that you are really specific about the type of service you completed. Don't just put "Church" as the title of community service. If you served meals, list that and the organization or location where and when. If you volunteered at an elementary school, what did you volunteer to do? The more specific you are, the more that our council will be able to accurately evaluate you.
    6. As of 2015, you will NOT be required to ask faculty members for recommendation letters or forms. Faculty will be recommending students during a faculty meeting. This assures that the entire campus can be involved and we will get a more well-rounded view of the candidates. This also assures that faculty members will not jeopardize applicants by forgetting to submit recommendations.
    7. Our 5- member (with 2 alternates) Faculty Council is comprised of teachers and counselors from a variety of departments. This is to assure that the selection is balanced and fair. Advisers of National Honor Society do not select their membership, but sit in during the council to take notes and to help with data sorting.
    Application DOs and DON'Ts
    DO Be specific- for example "FCA" is really the "Fellowship of Christian Athletes"- so write it out.
    DO Be honest- if you are in a club that only meets once a quarter- you would approximate your "monthly time" as 0-1 hours.
    DO List activities from other high schools if you are a transfer student
    DO List activities that you are involved in outside of school. For example, dance studios, karate, club sports, music programs, theater, Eagle Scouts, Girl Scouts...
    DO provide names and phone numbers of sponsors, coaches, and advisors.
    DO List any performing arts activities that require OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL time as "activities". For example, Band, Choir, Orchestra, Dance...
    DO Ask questions! If you are wondering if something is acceptable, just send Mrs. Fernandez an email or stop by F101.
    DON'T lie on your application. We will verify membership or service if the application itself seems questionable.
    DON'T list any activities from junior high.
    DON'T include vague activities, service, or honors. "Honors student" is vague. "Church" is non-specific. "MVP" without explaining for what is not clear. 
    Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Is membership in NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) a requirement for membership in NHS?
              No. NJHS and NHS are separate organizations that are not affiliated with each other. Likewise, if you were in NJHS, this does not automatically transfer to NHS membership.
    2. Do I need to get recommendation letters?
             No. As of 2015 we are simplifying the teacher recommendation process. Teachers will still be recommending candidates, but only after we have the applications. You do not need to solicit recommendation letters at this time.
    3. Does babysitting count as community service if I did it for free?
             It depends. If it is for your siblings, step-siblings, or other family members, it wouldn't really be community service. If it is for a non-relative family down the street and they did NOT pay you, you could count it.

    4. If I did community service with my church, does it count?

             Yes.  If you have served meals in food bank, or gathered items for a charitable yard sale, or participated in an "adopt-a-family" activity, you were working with your family or your church to help the greater community. Be aware that church related hours do not count towards the Chandler Education Fund Scholarship.
    5.  What types of community service does NOT count? 
          Anything you are paid for, babysitting family members, yard or housework for family members, tutoring family members, CNA certification, LinkCrew training, requirements for a class/grade, sports fundraising.


    Please Contact Stephanie Reiter (reiter.stephanie@cusd80.com) with additional questions you may have.