ELA Blueprint- This gives percentage breakdowns of each Strand and DOK Level Questions.  
    Unit/Lesson Planner:                   
    (Modified from the EQuP Rubric by Sarah Sacco & Allyson Stewart)


    I. Alignment to the Depth of the CCSS

    Does my lesson or unit:

    •   Target a set of grade-level ACCRS standards?
    •  Integrate reading, writing, speaking and listening?


    II. Key Shifts in the CCSS

    Does my lesson or unit:

    • Make reading text closely a central focus?
    • Incorporate the use of text-based evidence?
    • Expect students to write from sources?
    • Focus on building students’ academic vocabulary?

     Social Studies:

    • Build content knowledge through the reading of primary and secondary sources?
    • Expect that students write from sources and properly cite evidence to inform, explain, or make an argument in various written forms?
    • Utilize inquiry-based instructional methods?
    • Focus on building students’ academic vocabulary in context, including domain-specific tier 3 vocabulary?
    • Evaluate sources and use evidence in discussions and writing to deepen understanding of content?


    III. Instructional Supports

    Does my lesson or unit:
    • Engage students in a productive struggle through discussion questions and other supports?
    • Integrate appropriate supports for students who are ELL, have disabilities, or read well below grade level?
    • Provide extensions and/or more advanced text for students who read well above grade level?


    IV. Assessment

    Does my lesson or unit:

    • Include aligned rubrics or assessment guidelines?
    • Use a range of pre-, formative, summative and self-assessment measures?