Soccer Meeting Information (Athletic Night)


    Personal Information: My name is John Roberts, and this next season (2021-2022) will be my ninth (two as varsity men’s coach and seventh as the varsity girls) year as the head coach for the Pumas. I have been involved with youth sports for over 35 years. I have primarily coached soccer, but have also been involved with the other major sports (i.e. baseball/softball, football, basketball, track, and cross country). I am really looking forward to this season. My wife Staci and I have four children. My oldest two daughters are teachers; my third daughter works for EMG as a project manager and my youngest (son) works for Boeing as a supply chain manager.

    Season practice schedule and attendance policy: We will practice every day during the week (except game days) from 2:30-4:30. I will be watching attendance closely. I expect my team to always be at practice unless sick or excused by myself. After three absences, a parent will be notified. I would like all of you to be responsible enough to show up to practice. Your attendance not only affects yourselves personally, but the whole team. We all rely on each other. I also expect all players to wear a white shirt during practice until we receive our practice shirts. White shirts with logos are fine. I demand this for scrimmage reasons, as well as team unity.

    Games: We (varsity team) are attending two tournaments. We will have games over the Christmas break and we will be practicing. I expect everyone to not only attend, but to be ready to play. These practices are vital for our final push to the playoffs in January.

    Fund Raising: We have an awesome booster club!!! They would love any and all parent volunteers to help with this. If we don’t have parent volunteers, the children will have to pay a set amount instead of fundraising.  

    Code of Conduct: The school expects all students to follow their Student Code of Conduct book before, during, and after all games, and practices. Any disruptive, deceptive, defiant, or obscene behavior could result in the following actions:

    1. Warning      

    2. Parent Contact

    3. Meeting with Athletic Director, Parent, and Coach.

    Grades: In years past, I have cut players from my team that have received an “F” during the season. Even though that rule is frowned upon currently, it is my full intention to bench any player (no matter how talented) who receives an “F” during the season (once league games have begun). That means they will no longer see any playing time from that point on. I will only reconsider this if there are circumstances that come up beyond the student’s control. This will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Students not completing their homework, or failing tests are not an excuse…ever.       

    Lettering Requirements: In order to receive a varsity letter each player on the varsity squad must be eligible for at least eight games and participate in at least eight of the twelve games on our schedule (tournaments do not count). Injuries will be addressed as they arise.

    Goals: Technical skills are the foundation to building an effective tactical team. In order to be able to perform the skills, we will need to be in shape. Players will be expected to be at practice sessions on time, and be prepared to work hard.

    Nutrition: Meals and Hydration are very important. Here are some quick nutrition tips:

    1. Pre-Game

    1. Purpose- To fill carbohydrate stores and supply a steady blood sugar level for the hours before and during the game.
    2. When to eat- Approximately 3-4 hours before a game/practice.
    3. What to consume- The emphasis is on complex carbohydrates with a small amount of protein to provide a level blood sugar. Examples are: pancakes, oatmeal, brown rice, pasta, and potatoes.                                                                                 

    Hydration: Please, please, please drink plenty of water. Drinks with Caffeine should be avoided in order to avoid dehydration.  

    Fun Stuff: I would like to have a few “team building” nights during the season. If you would not mind hosting it, please let me know.

    How to reach me: My email address is roberts.john@cusd80.com. Due to AIA regulations, I will not be able to return emails until May 25.

    Soccer Class/Locker: Students need to take this class. It counts as a PE credit. Let your counselor know that you are a soccer player and need to be put in this class. It is mandatory (unless cleared by me).

    Summer Information: No camp this year. 

    Soccer Camp: We will be passing information out shortly after school starts. It is highly recommended for incoming freshman to learn the proper techniques of lifting before you go on to college.

    Questions: Feel free to email our athletic director prior to May 25th if you have any questions.  

    Reminder: You will need a sports physical before you are allowed to tryout. If you are a freshman, you also have to take the concussion course at http://aiaacademy.org/brainbook/. A copy of the certificate must be returned to the athletic department. You will only need to complete this course once.