• Sight Word Lists
    Sight Words are an extremely important part of learning to read! To help further your 1st Grader in this process, practicing these every night for homework is imperative. We do not have much time to practice Sight Words in class, so don't forget to review them each night at home. Please do not start to practice a new list until it is assigned and sent home with your child. Focusing and encouraging your child on the list he or is she is on, is key! Remember not to put too much pressure on your child to progress through these faster than they are developmentally ready to. We want reading to be fun, not stressful! If your child passes the 3rd list at any point in the year, they are on grade level for the end of 1st Grade! Making flashcards, games, or other fun activities are a great way to practice reading Sight Words and still have fun.
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