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Position: Junior English - Creative Writing - Husky Room Facilitator - We Dine Together Co-Sponsor
Room: C-211
Phone: (480) 883-5098
Email: Munczek

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I value my students as human beings, not just as students. I attempt to prepare Hamilton’s kids for life in all aspects: Emotional, personal, academic and professional. Please rest assured that I will utilize every skill I have learned in my 21 years of secondary public education to ensure your student’s attainment of a high school diploma and, more importantly, confidence and a feeling of self-empowerment.

My Education and Professional Background

1996 B.A. English, Arizona State University; 1998 M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction, Arizona State University; over 36 earned credits in Creative Writing courses.

My Educational Philosophy

I treat all students with respect; through this modeling, students learn to demonstrate respect toward me, which creates a positive, two-way learning environment. I inform my students that they should consider this a communications class rather than an English class. Individuals need to learn effective communication techniques, regardless of the careers they enter. I also make it very clear that all students in my class are equals, that all can and will learn, and that each one of them is as important to me as if they were my own child. My students will learn analytical thinking and the ability to succeed on their own merits, as well as appropriate and formal communication techniques. Research, writing and APA formatting lessons will prepare them for the rigors of Senior English and life beyond.

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