Below please find a list of supplies that are needed and requested for all 5th grade classes.  Additionally, at the bottom of the page, is the 5th grade wish list of those extra donations that are appreciated for our classrooms throughout the year.


    5th Grade Supply List
    SCHOOL SUPPLIES – In order for your 5th grader to be prepared for classes on
    a daily basis, we are asking that your child have the following school supply items:

    • Ear Buds (To be kept at school the entire year)
    • 4 regular sized boxes of tissue (to be shared with the class)
    • 5 wide rule Composition notebooks – NO Spiral Notebooks please (Bring to class the first day with student’s name on the inside of each front cover)
    • Notebook paper-wide ruled
    • Yellow highlighters (prefer thin size)
    • Three-ring binder with pockets (ONLY 1.5 inch binders)
    • 2 packs of tab dividers with 10 tabs each
    • 2 boxes of #2 pencils (Ticonderoga please)
    • A box of #2 RED pencils (Ticonderoga preferred)
    • Large pencil pouch that can be kept in three-ring binder – NO Pencil Boxes (There is not enough room in desks for this)
    • Backpack (NO Wheels please as they do not fit on back of student chairs or cubbies and classrooms do not have the space to store them on a daily basis)

    Additional items appreciated by the teachers:
    ✓ White copy paper
    ✓ Tissue (always in need of more)
    ✓ Clorox wipes
    ✓ 3 X 5 index cards
    ✓ Erasers-pencil tops and/or pink wedge erasers

    *Please Note: Students are to use #2 six-sided pencils only.
    No mechanical or round pencils allowed in the classroom.
    Thank you!
    Fifth Grade Teachers