• Welcome to 3rd grade at Haley Elementary! I am so excited to begin our learning adventure! We will explore many exciting topics this year! Please join me for Meet the Teacher on Thursday, July 18, from 5-5:30 and Curriculum Night from 5:30-6:30.  
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  • Ms. Reynolds Third Grade Suggested Supply List 


    4 Plastic folders (no prongs)- green, red, yellow, blue 

    1 Composition book (wide-ruled) 

    2 Spiral notebooks (wide-ruled) 

    4 glue sticks 

    4 Expo dry erase markers (black) 


    Pencil pouch 


    Crayons 24 count 

    Pencils (pre-sharpened preferred) 

    Additional items 


    Antibacterial hand sanitizer 

    Ziploc bags- sandwich size 

    Index cards 


    Clorox wipes 

    Ziploc bags- quart size 

    Loose leaf wide-ruled paper 

    Wish List  

    Black Sharpie markers 

    Bag of Starbursts 

    Lysol spray 


    Pencil top erasers

    Markers 10 count  


     Printable Supply List