• In both Comparative Government and Politics and United States Government students have two options to earn college credit. 
      1. Students may take the AP exam in May and earn 3 credits. Find more information at: College Board
      The cost of an AP exam is $94 per exam.  

    o   Students on Free/Reduced Lunch program only pay $15.

    o   Students that are taking Dual Enrollment for this course are encouraged to take the AP Exam and will only be expected to pay ½ of the fee for the AP ($47) CHS will pick up the rest of the cost!

    2. CGCC partners with East Valley high schools to offer Dual Enrollment credit for academic and occupational classes. Dual Enrollment courses are held at CHS and are taught by high school instructors who have met community college hiring qualifications.  Dual Credit information Dual Enrollment Success Guide   Dual Enrollment Info Sheet
     Students may register for:
    POS 101 Current Issues (1 credit)
    POS 140 Comparative Government (3 credits). 
    POS  United States Government (3 credits)
     Visit www.cgc.edu/dual and (1) create your MEID number; (2) apply to Chandler-Gilbert Community College; (3) and take the Accuplacer test. 
    Students and parents interested in finding out more information regarding Dual Enrollment should contact the counseling department at 480-812-7706 and ask to speak with your student’s counselor.





    Student Expectations Agreement

    IB and AP courses



    Congratulations!  You have chosen to take on the rewarding challenge of being placed in a college-level course (AP Advanced Placement, IB International Baccalaureate or Dual Credit).  Taking this course is a collaborative effort between you, your parent/guardian, and the school. Each party plays a role and must make the commitment to meet the expectations noted below.


    The Student agrees to organize his/her time and effort to successfully complete the course in which he/she is enrolled and abide by the teacher’s syllabus. The student will notify teachers immediately if he/she falls behind in class readings and/or assignments. The student will be expected to complete assignments, readings and projects outside of class time. In exchange for the teacher pledging to adequately prepare the student for the demands of college level evaluation, the student will ensure their commitment to the process by pledging to either:

    1)      Take the AP Exam on its scheduled date and time as outlined by the College Board.


    2)      Take the International Baccaulareate Exam on its scheduled date and time as outlined by IBO.


    3)      Enroll in the Dual Credit program and complete all necessary requirements thereof.

    (Please note:  Not all classes offer these three options.  If an option is not available, the student will need to select from whatever choices do exist.  There is also an option for the student to take the CLEP exam. )


    The Parent/Guardian agrees to be familiar with course requirements and policies, abide by the teacher’s syllabus, and to help his/her child organize study time in support of class assignments. The parent/guardian understands the expectation is for the student to complete one of the options above to maximize his/her experience.  Payment can be made to the bookstore by cash, check, or a tax credit donation.  The tax credit form can be accessed at www.cusd80.com/chs.   Click on the Information Tab; Parents and select Tax Credit from the list on the left side of the screen.  Please note that the monies be directed to your student’s name.


    The Teacher agrees to provide rigorous instruction and challenging course content as described in the AP Course Description, IB Course Description, or Community College Course Descrption. The school will provide the student with a copy of the Bulletin for AP Students and Parents, as well as any other informational material and agrees to administer all exams in a fair and secure environment as outlined in the testing manuals provided by either IB or AP.