• Hi!  Here is some information before we begin our new school year!  Please do not send the following to school with your child:

    1.  pencil/supply box

    2. erasers

    3. pencil sharpener (I don't allow them in the classroom, I am the pencil sharpener)

    4. crayons

    5. markers

    6. pens

    7. scissors

    8. any type of notebook/composition book/folders

    9. pencils unless it is a donation for the class

    10. glue sticks  (unless it is a donation for the class)

    11. mechanical pencils  (not permitted in the classroom)

    I supply all of the above to begin the school year.  I do this so each child begins the school year on an even playing field.  Please do send them in happy, fed, and ready to learn!  I look forward to seeing you on Meet the Teacher night!


    Miss Anderjeski