• Fourth Grade's

    ABC's of Back to School



     Supplies to have for the 1st day of school:

    You!   :) 
    (NOT a wheeled, satchel, or messenger style backpack)
    6-8 heavy duty pocket dividers
    Dry erase marker, black preferred (no pastels or red)
    3-ring heavy duty zipper pencil pouch
    Sharpened 6-sided #2 pencils with erasers, 2-3, Ticonderoga preferred;
          No round/mechanical pencils
    Red correcting pen
    Quality AR chapter book at your reading level
    (not a "comic" style book)



    Additional supplies suggested and appreciated:


    3 wide-ruled spiral notebooks (for notes)
    1 wide-ruled composition notebook (for math notes)
    Mini dry eraser or old, but clean, sock (1 small)
    Highlighter (not a marker); light in color (1)
    Colored pencils (sharpened) and markers, Crayola preferred
    6 inch ruler
    Glue stick, Elmer's preferred
    Disinfecting/baby wipes
    Tissues, please!
    Lunch, quart, and/or gallon size Ziplock baggies



    Important Information

    Pencil Boxes

    Please do not send pencil boxes to school, but rather, send only a 3-ring sturdy pencil pouch/bag as stated above in the supply list.

    The pencil pouch/bag will be kept in the student's binder.



     Each child is asked to have a backpack to store their supplies.

    Backpacks must be able to hang over the back of the student's chair.

    Please, no "wheeled" backpacks or satchel/messenger style bags.


    Water Bottles

    Please slip a sock over water bottles in order to keep

    condensation off of the desks and carpet.
    Clearly mark your student's water bottle.


    Lunch Information


    Please visit the cafeteria to pay ahead for school lunches. Paying for lunches before the start of the school day assists our cafeteria director in crediting accounts more expediently. Students should not store money in their desks due to potential theft or loss.

    Please remind your child to take home his/her lunch box daily. Lunch boxes left overnight may encourage unwanted pests and critters to take up residence in our classroom.


    Frequently Asked Questions


     Absent and Late Work


    It is required that all assignments be completed.  All students shall be provided one day for each absent day to make up missed assignments, not including long-term assignments. Work not completed by the assigned time shall be considered late; however, teachers shall use their discretion to determine guidelines in acceptance of late assignments due to extenuating circumstances. (Per the online CTA-Liberty Policy and Procedure)



    Ways of Our Class:

    1.Be on time
    2.Be prepared for class
    3.Follow the directions of caring adults at school
    4.Show respect in your words and actions



    Homework Responsibilities

    The student shall:

    •keep an accurate record of assignments on daily log or agenda.
    •have necessary materials to complete assignment.
    •complete assignments on time.
    •do their own work.
    •apply and practice skills learned in class.
    •strive for the highest quality work possible.
    •provide parents with accurate homework sheets.
    •do their homework to the best of their abilities.
    •communicate to parents and teachers when concepts are new or difficult.

     Parent Responsibilities

    The parent shall:
    •check his/her child’s homework for accuracy, completeness, and neatness.
    •sign homework assignment sheet as required.
    •supervise completion and correction of inaccurate and untidy work.
    •encourage systematic study.
    •show interest in the assignment.
    •commend satisfactory progress.
    •provide the proper conditions suitable to study.
    •read all communications regarding homework.
    •ensure proper materials and supplies are available for completing assignments.
    •utilize the “comment section” of the daily homework slip/planner to communicate as necessary.
    •contact the teacher in a timely manner when homework concerns arise.

    Per the online CTA-Liberty Policy and Procedure Manual


    Happy Birthday


    CTA Birthday Policy

     (as of July 2010)


    Happy Birthday!

    Birthdays are special & fun to celebrate. However, families are asked not to send in birthday treats. Instead, the teacher will present the birthday child with a special ‘birthday gift.’   Liberty feels that this will help keep the focus on learning and help make birthday celebrations consistent & fair for all students. If you have concerns about this school policy, please contact the front office.


    *Please remember that students are not to hand out invitations at school unless all students
    in the class are being given an invitation. Individual invitations should be mailed
    (our room parent will provide each family with a class directory).