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Room: 505
Phone: (480) 883-5543
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"Education is not filling a pail but the lighting of a fire."
-- William Butler Yeats

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Hello students and parents! My names is Dr. James Reeder. I am the school psychologist at Bogle Jr. High and Chief Hill Academy in CUSD. I am from Arizona and worked in Mesa for 5 years before coming to Chandler. I have 3 beautiful children and a wonderful wife who is an educator at the secondary level and a college professor.

My Education and Professional Background

I attended Brigham Young University (BYU) for my undergraduate degree and earned a B.S. in Marriage Family Human Development and a minor in Humanities. During my undergraduate work, I took many psychology courses. Additionally, I assisted a variety of students with various needs while working for the University Accessibility Counseling Center at BYU. By the time I graduated I had begun to realize my calling to help youth in the educational setting. Since then, I have earned a dual M.S. and Psy.D. in School Psychology.

My Educational Philosophy

n the school setting, I believe that team work, persistence, creativity, and openness are the key to success. As a psychologist I tend to draw on the perspective of Humanism (I am mostly a Humanist by nature) and believe that every human being has value, potential, and that problems can be solved with thoughtfulness. Additionally, I am a strong believer in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and I strive to implement many CBT approaches in my practice as a school psychologist. While genetics and environment clearly shape us as human beings, thoughts and feelings should be considered as they affect behavior. Last but certainly not least, I have seen, assisted in, and believe in the growth that students make when educators empower students by giving choices and by balancing this with boundaries and practical rules to ensure a safe learning environment.

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