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    Come learn how to play Chess!  TUESDAYS at lunch, we will be meeting in the P.E. office during recess before or after students eat.
    Second through sixth grade are encouraged to come and learn the game.  Kinder and First graders are welcome to come as well, if they have a basic understanding of the game.
    Chess not your thing?  A little ‘too’ challenging?  Come in for a neat game of Othello or Reversi!  Come to the P.E. office when the rest of your class goes out to recess and you'll have a chance to learn these mathematical games and some strategizing techniques while playing others, or even Mr. P.!  You can even bring your friends too!
    Chess Emporium Chess club
    I also teach a for-pay-after-school Chess Club on Thursdays from 2:45 to 3:50 in the Library.  The program delivers specific lessons and Chess instruction for the first 20-25 minutes allowing 35-40 minutes of actual game time to employ some of the techniques, strategies and tactics covered in class in a real game setting. 
    For an additional cost, there are many tournaments offered around the Valley if desired, ...and you don't even have to be in the club to enter in a tournament.  These optional tournaments provide an additional venue for which to further develop their skills.  Each tournament even has a Kinder only section (which is just priceless)!
    Kinder is a great time for their first exposure to the game.  They soak it all up and can do quite well before too long.  Thus, all Kinder through 6th grade are welcome to come, learn and enjoy the game!
    Register for the Thursday after school Chess Club (just enter Liberty or Chess Emporium in the search field).
    Desire more more info?  Check out The Chess Emporium's website.

    Email Mr. Kirk Plamondon for more information.


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