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    Course Syllabus 2015

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    U.S. History is a survey of American history from the discovery and settlement of the New World (1492-1650) to the present.  The  main objective of this course is for students to gain a greater appreciation of their nations history and to become participants in the democratic process.  The great diversity of our nation is one of the most important topics that will be covered this year and hopefully students will gain greater knowledge of  and an appreciation for our multicultural society.


    Course Objectives---Students will:

    ·        Master a broad body of historical knowledge

    ·        Demonstrate an understanding of historical chronology

    ·        Use historical documents and data to support an argument or position

    ·        Interpret and apply data from original documents, including cartoons, graphs,  letters,  etc.

    ·        Effectively use analytical skills of evaluation, cause and effect, compare and contrast, and problem-solving skills

    ·        Work effectively with others to complete group assignments and group presentations

    ·        Make connections through historical time periods and themes

    • Identify and analyze current events issues/topics
    • Write  essays concerning various historical topics
     United States History- Prentice Hall. Lapsansky-Werner, Levy, Roberts, Taylor
    Documents Collection (volume 1 to 1877 & volume 2 since 1865) America's History 3rd edition (Henrett, Brownlee, Brody, Ware,  & Johnson), Worth Publishers, 1997
    Miscellaneous current events articles from local newspapers, the internet and periodicals
    Historical videos

    Class Expectations:

    ·        Assignments—All assignments are due on the due date assigned which is probably the next class period.  Late work will receive half credit.  You will have up to one week after the initial assignment to submit any late work.  Any work that is incomplete will receive partial credit.   If a student misses school due to an absence, illness or excused field trip etc. they will be given time to make up their missed work.  They need to see me and I will tell them how much time they will have. Students can also find this information on Infinite Campus.   Each student will be given an ASSIGNMENT LOG and each assignment will be numbered.  Missed tests/quizzes will be made after school (Tu/Thurs) or during lunch (schedule ahead of time).  Every Monday students will review the week’s assignments and record this information on their log sheet.  Each student will also be given a chart showing the topic and date for all of their unit tests,quizzes, and other homework assignments.   Unit Tests will be given approximately every three weeks (Wed/Thurs block days)  and chapter quizzes will be given weekly  (almost every Friday).

    Notebook checks will be conducted periodically to check for student notes, warm up responses, ticket out the door questions and other daily activities.  They may be announced or unannounced ahead of time.  They will be scored and count as a quiz grade.  It is imperative that students maintain an accurate and up to date notebook.  They need to bring their notebooks (every day) and any articles or other instructional materials to class when needed, failure to do so will result in a after school detention.  You will be notified ahead of time of your child has been assigned an after school detention.

    ·        Attendance/Tardies—Please attend class everyday. Any absences will adversely affect your grade.   If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get all of the class work and homework assignments missed due to an absence.  All of these assignments will be available on Infinite Campus by the end of the quarter/semester.   The CHS tardy policy is in effect so please be in your seat when the bell rings.  Students who are late to class will have to attend sweeps and they will be responsible for making up any missed assignments. 

    ·        Grading—The grading scale is as follows: 90%-100%=A,  80%-89%=B, 70%-79%=C, 60%-69%=D, less than 60%=F.  This scale applies to tests,quizzes,  and assignments.  I do not give EXTRA CREDIT!

    ·        Weekly  grades—Grades will be posted weekly, and any students with an average below a D should attend tutoring at least once a week.  Tutoring will be held either in the Media Center (library) or my classroom (room 222).  Tutoring will last for thirty to sixty minutes and once a student raises their grade to a C they no longer need to attend weekly tutoring.  Parents will be notified directly by me  and specific arrangements will be made; dates,times, duration etc. for attending tutoring.

    ·        Students will take weekly chapter quizzes and unit tests about every 3 weeks.  They will also have a comprehensive exam at the end of each quarter, and a semester final.

    • Final Grade:  the final semester grade will be computed as follows: 40% Qtr 1, 40% Qtr 2, 20% final exam

    •  All students must take a final exam!


    ·        Classroom rules:

    1)       Be on time. 
    2)      Attend class every day, students should also have a notebook and writing instrument.  Three ring notebooks are the best because notebooks will have subtopics.  Assignment logs should be carried at all times!

    3)      Participate in class!  Students will be expected to contribute to class discussions and will also sometimes work in groups.  Non-participation will result in a lower classs participation grade and possibly a failing overall grade.  Ticket Out the Door assignments will be provided almost daily and warm ups will be collect weekly to be graded.

    4)      Respect others!  You will be asked about your opinion, thoughts and feelings regarding numerous topics and it is important that we respect other students responses

    5)      Try to do your best!  Complete all assigned work.  If you do not understand something ask questions.


    Failure to follow class rules will result in the following action(s) being taken:

    Verbal warning  for first offense --Student will talk to the teacher about what’s going on and discuss how the situation can be avoided in the future

    Written warning (following second offense) --Student will write down what they did at the end of class or after school and explain in writing how they can improve.  Students may sign a written contract on how to change their behavior.  Parents will be notified.

    Parent contact (following third offense) –Student will call parent and notify them of the infraction.  Student will spend time in detention, after school or at lunch.

    Parent , teacher, administrator conference (following fourth offense)—Student and their parents will meet with teacher and administrator to discuss problems student is having in class.





    Contact information:


    My number is 480-812-7700 ext. 7797   the best time to call is at the end of the day (after 2:30 pm).

     TOPIC OUTLINE: Discovery and Settlement of the New World 1492-1650, America and the British Empire1650-1754, Colonial Society in the Mid-Eighteenth Century, Road to Revolution 1754-1775, The American Revolution 1775-1783, Constitution and New Republic 1775-1800, The Age of Jefferson 1800-1816, Nationalism & Economic Expansion, Sectionalism Age of Jackson 1828-1848, Territorial Expansion & Sectional Crisis, Creating an American Culture, The 1850s: Decade of Crisis, The Civil, War Reconstruction to 1877, New South and the  West, Industrialization and Corporate Consolidation, Urban Society, Intellectual and Cultural Movements, National Politics, 1877-1896: The Gilded Age, Foreign Policy, 1865-1914, Progressive Era, The First World War, New Era: The 1920s, Depression 1929-1933, New Deal, Diplomacy in the 1930s, The Second World War, Truman and the Cold War, Eisenhower and Modern Republicanism, Kennedy’s New Frontier; Johnson’s Great Society, Nixon, The United States since 1974 

    Student/Parent Signatures
    I________________________________________(student's first and last name) have read and agree to abide by Mr. Keith's classroom rules.  Date __________________.
    I_______________________________________(parent's signature) have read Mr. Keith's class syllabus.  Date____________________________________________________.