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    Parent information:

    VR and DDD service information cab be found on this website  
    Arizona Department of Economical Security 
    What is VR?
    Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)

    The Vision for the Vocational Rehabilitation program is persons with disabilities becoming economically independent and decreasing or eliminating their need for ongoing government supports through integrated, meaningful, and sustained work.

    This is achieved through a rehabilitation process which engages applicants and clients fully in actively exploring their vocational interests, abilities, capabilities and service/process options and in making choices.

    The VR Program helps people with disabilities become or remain economically independent through work.
    What is DDD?

    The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD)

    Their services and supports help eligible individuals with developmental disabilities achieve self-sufficiency and independence. The Division likewise offers supports for family members and other caregivers. We believe that you can best be supported in integrated community settings and the majority of the Division’s programs and services are tailored to meet individual needs at home and other community settings

    Parent Links 
    Arizona Bridge To Independent Living:

    http//www.abil.org  or 602-256-2245

    Chandler Camp Challenge:
    Collette Prather at 480-782-2709
    Chandler Gilbert Arc:
    or 480-892-9422
    Arizona Disability Benefits 101:
    Benefits and Work Calculator help you to determine how a job may affect total income and health coverage. 
    Gryphen Specialty Products and Services:
    or 480-966-9500
    McClintock Farms DTA:
    or 480-940-7915
    Bonus sites:
    Raising Special Kids:
    Attendance at all workshops is at No Cost.
    For Southern Arizona workshops visit:Pilot Parents at 
    Smiles for Special Needs:
    or call 480 361-1972
    Valley Metro:
    or 602-372-4280
    East Valley Dial-a-Ride: 480-633-0101
    DrivAble Solutions:
    or 602-840-2323



    Activities in the Community:
    Chandler Gilbert Arc: 
    Perry High Tutoring
    Special Olympics volunteering-
    Chandler Parks and Recreation Attn:
    Special Olympics Chandler Mail stop 501, PO Box 4008
    Chandler, AZ 85244-4008
    or fax 480-782-2725