• How to Request a Final Exam through BYU Online:
    You can order your final exam online or call 800-914-8931. Request a final exam be sent to Perry High School in Gilbert, AZ and click SHARE. The proctor is Sheri Hammer. Student's must use their legal name on the test. Once the test is received in our office I will call your student down to schedule a date/time to take it. The proctor is only available when school is in session. She is not here over any school breakIf possible, please don't order tests right before a school break. It will just sit until we return and your student will have less time to take the test.
    We have very limited space to test students. It is best to order your final exam and take it before SPRING BreakFor students taking courses over the summer, please don't order your final exam until we return for the new school year. Thank you!