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    Contact Information
    Chandler High School Choral Department
    School phone number:  480-812-7883

    2019-20 Concert Schedule

    Monday, October 28  7:00, 7:00 CCA  Fall Concert   Free
         Participating groups: ALL Choirs
    Thursday, November 14  6:00, Step Up Concert with CUSD Elementary and Junior High feeder schools.
         Participation groups: Men's, Treblemakers, Chamber Choir
    Monday, December 9, 7:00 CCA  Winter Concert   Free  
         Participating groups: ALL Choirs
    Monday, February 3, 7:00  CCA  10th Annual POPS Concert
         Participating groups: ALL Choirs, featured soloists and small ensembles
    Monday, May 18, 7:00  CCA  Spring Concert   Free
         Participating groups:  ALL Choirs
    My Schedule for 2019-2020





    Advanced Women's Choir

    Choir room 904


    Men's Choir

    Choir room 904


    Chamber Choir

    Choir room 904


    Treblemakers (Women's Barbershop)

    Choir room 904


    Women's Choir

    Choir room 904


    Prep period

    Choir room 904

    Office hours - Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2:15 - 3:15
    Course Information
    Women's Choir is the entry level choir for women in grades 9-12.  No audition is necessary.  All students will learn to use solfege, read note names and intervals in the treble clef.  Along with basic music literacy, learning good vocal skills are the main focus areas  of this class.  Some solo and small group work will be involved, but ensemble singing is most emphasized.
    Advanced Women's Choir is filled by audition and/or instructor permission only.  This is a choir for women ready to advance their music literacy and vocal skills.They will be singing three- and four-part harmony in a variety of styles.  Attention is given to all aspects of vocal performance skills and all students are expected to regularly sing by themselves and in small groups.
    Men's Choir is for all men grades 9-12 regardless of experience.  Due to the likely disparity of abilities, all beginners will be caught up in the areas of music literacy.  As they learn to be more comfortable reading music, they will also learn how to produce the traditional male choral sound and the ability to sing independently.  Eventually, these singers will learn and perform four-part, a cappella barbershop music as well as Men's choral literature written for TTBB.  In addition to the Men's repertorie, qualified singers will join the Treblemakers to form another out-of-class ensemble called Chorale.  This group will sing top level SATB literature for festivals and concerts.  The music is more difficult and, since the Men's Choir is a non-audition group, not necessarily will all of the men will be included in Chorale.  This special ensemble will have to meet outside of school occasionally to put the parts together.  Typically these are after school a couple days each quarter and on concert days.
    **Any men wishing to join for second semester must audition for permission from director.
    Treblemakers - This class is filled strictly by audition and with permission of the instructor.  These women will sing four-part barbershop music as the Treblemakers, and SSAA choral music as well.  They actively sing in the community and are widely respected in the valley as an excellent performance group.  Treblemakers are also part of Chorale and will require additional rehearsals outside of class. Treblemakers are expected to make time in their schedules to sing in out-of-school performances in the community.  Generally, ample notice of such performances is given.
    Chamber Choir-This is a select group of 12-20 men and women who will be singing a variety of styles including madrigals, jazz, pop, chamber repertoire, and barbershop (8-part and mixed).  Students must audition or be invited by the director as a result of previously demonstrated abilities in ensembles.