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    2019-2020 Chandler High School Choral Department

    Expectations and Information



    Dear CHS Choir Students and Parents,

    Welcome to the Chandler High School Choral Department.  My name is Lori Lyford and I am looking forward to this 2019-2020 school year with great expectations.  If you need to contact me during the year you can leave a phone message on my office phone at 480-812-7883 or e-mail me at lyford.lori@cusd80.com.  As in years past, I have boiled down our class rules into three: Be Respectful, Be a Family, Be Courageous!  However, in this document, some specific examples of these rules will be noted for clarity.


    Grading Policy

                Choir students will be graded in four areas during each quarter: daily participation, daily rehearsal techniques, written work/skills tests, and participation in performance opportunities including concerts, festivals, and adjudications, both inside and outside of the school day.  Each Monday, Tuesday, and Friday (1-6 days) is worth 15 points (5 for participation, and 10 for rehearsal etiquette).  Each Block day is worth 30 points (10 for participation and 20 for rehearsal etiquette).  A normal week is worth a total of 75 points in participation and rehearsal techniques.  Additional points are added for tests or quizzes in music theory, music mastery, Concert participation, or any homework assignments.  If there are problems with excessive talking, disrespectful behavior, forgetting your music/pencil, or other infractions, daily points will be deducted from the Rehearsal Etiquette category.



    To receive full points each day:

    ·         Attend class!  0 points if you are absent.  Each regular day represents 20% of your weekly grade, and each block day represents 40%.

    o        See additional information regarding make up work on my website.

    o        Students occasionally missing class because of school responsibilities (assemblies, field trips, etc.) may not lose points if prior notice is given. 

    ·         Be on time.  Tardies cost points.

    ·         Abide by all school rules concerning student conduct, electronics, and dress code.

    ·         Be nice to everyone!  Stay focused and attentive. Participate appropriately in discussions.

    ·         No gum, or unauthorized food or drinks in the choir room. Water bottles,labeled with your name, are expected.

    ·         Be proactive and responsible for your own learning. Ask questions when you need help or clarification.

    ·         Demonstrate a positive attitude, an eagerness to learn and try new skills.

    ·         Model good posture when singing.

    ·         Be prepared by always having your music folder and pencil in class.  Mark music ONLY in pencil.

    ·         Be ready and willing to follow directions without having to be asked twice. Monitor your own behavior

    Final Grade for the quarter will result from the percentage of points earned in all areas: participation, rehearsal etiquette, concert participation, written/skill tests.  Make up work is available and is listed on my website under "Choir Make up Work" on the left banner of the site. All make up work must be done in a timely fashion. Any deductions to the etiquette score will be noted in "the Book" by each student upon infraction.



                We are all scheduled to give four regular concerts this year. Participation in these concerts needs to be of the utmost priority. They serve as the practical application portion of the final exams for each grading period and are worth 200 points of the quarter grade.  Please make every effort to clear work schedules well in advance.  Only in extreme emergencies, with prior notification by parents/guardians, can performance points be made up if a concert is missed. Listed here are the scheduled concert dates for the upcoming school year. Please put these dates on your calendar.  As other performances, festivals, or adjudication dates become finalized, you will be notified immediately.  All concerts begin at 7:00 with students reporting up to an hour prior to that.  Concerts are held on the CCA Main Stage: Concert dates are:  Monday, October 28;  Monday, December 9; Monday, February 3; and Monday, May 18.  In addition to the quarterly concerts listed above, the Treblemakers, Men's Choir and Chamber Choir members have an additional performance on Thursday, November 14 (Step up concert) and Wednesday, May 28 (Graduation).  See calendar for call times, dress and concert times.


    Concert Attire

                It is our goal to fit choir members in current, school-owned uniforms.  Boys will have vests and pants.  A white tux shirt will be ordered from the same vendor and will need to be purchased from the Booster club for $18.  There are various dress/skirt and top styles for the girls. Once uniforms are checked out, they must be stored in the uniform room at school.  Only the Treblemakers may take their reds home.  They must be taken care of and kept clean and presentable for any occasion.  Costume maintenance instructions will be posted on this website shortly.  A nominal cleaning fee of $8 will be charged for Advanced Women's Choir.  Men's Choir, Treblemakers, and Chamber Choir have a $50 activity fee.  This money stays in their account and can be applied toward trip costs, t-shirts and uniform cleaning. 

    Class Objectives

                Not only will students get to develop their singing skills in choir, they will also get to learn how to be better musicians.  It takes hard work!  Students will be asked to step out of comfort comfort zone, get to know the people in their ensemble(s).  After all, a choir is enhanced by the bond shared by the people in it.  All students will need to be patient, courageous, determined, and enjoy the journey we’re on together toward the making of great music.  One of the major areas of concentration will be music literacy.


    Some of the things taught in choir include: how to read and translate musical notation, how to produce a healthy vocal tone, how to model proper singing posture, how to breathe correctly, how to sing in tune, how to effectively sing one's own part in an ensemble, how to understand and apply elements of music theory, how to read and pronounce elements of a variety of languages, how to assess personal performance and the performance of others, appropriate performance and audience behavior skills, etc. Students will also learn how to critique other music ensembles and performances, how to form opinions about and discuss the influence of music in several other areas (i.e. self, society, economics, politics, history, etc.)  The list could go on.  These objectives reflect the current Arizona State Standards (Strands 1, 2 and 3) for Choral Education at the high school level.   To see the complete Fine Arts performance objectives go to http://www.ade.az.gov/standards/arts/revised/Music.pdf The Choral objectives are found on pages 37-56.


    Parent Involvement

                I am very pleased that we have an active Parent Booster organization called the Chandler High School Choral Arts Association (CHS CAA). The primary goals of this group are fundraising for the CHSCAA treasury and physical support during concerts and trips.  If you would like to participate or want to learn more about this, please note that on the attached information sheet. More information will be available for interested parents during  Open House, August 1st.


    Arizona Tax Credit

                Another major source of funding for the CHS Choral Department comes through Tax Credit monies.  Please consider making a designated Tax Credit donation to the CHS Choral Department in your child’s name. Remember, you receive the tax credit money back in your Arizona State Tax return.  Family and friends can also donate in your child’s name.  The Tax Credit form  is available at the CUSD website which is https://www.cusd80.com.  For your convenience, donations can be made directly online. If you do make a donation online, make sure to provide a copy of the receipt showing your CHS Choral Department designation and we will track and credit that amount in your child’s name with the CHSCAA treasurer.  The school maintains the funds.  With the economic issues our state continues to have, this program may be discontinued in the future.  It would be great to get your friends and other family members to donate NOW in your child’s name so the funds will be there long after the Tax Credit program potentially is gone.  Act now if you can.  Remember, you get the money back in your State Tax refund or a dollar-for-dollar lessening of State taxes owed!

    Keep an eye out for more information on a donation program called Edbacker which could dramatically change fundraising for our students.  This program will allow anyone to donate funds in your child's name and automatically receive a receipt which can be used for a Federal Tax Deduction.  This will allow your friends and family living outside Arizona to make donations!


    I thank you in advance for supporting your CHS choir student in his/her musical endeavors.  Obviously, I believe participation in choir is a great choice. It is my hope that this year will prove to be a rewarding experience for all of us!  Parents, I look forward to meeting each and every one of you over the course of this year.