• Choir Make Up Work

    In order to make up some of the points lost when absent from class, students can do additional work outside of class to turn in.  Absences can be made up but must be done in a timely fashion.  It is up to the teacher's digression if late work will be accepted. 
    Option 1 - Students will find video (YouTube) or audio recordings of two different choral presentations of the same piece of music and write a comparison paper citing the reasons they like one performance better than the other.  The groups used for the assignment must be cited.  Topics to address can include: performance attitude, tuning, vowel match, diction, dynamics, choreography, expressiveness, posture, harmonies, facial/physical expression, accompaniment...the list goes on.  If it is worthy of your attention, comment on it.
    1/2 page typed is for a M, T, F absence.  1 full page typed is for a Block Day
    Option 2 -read an article provided by the director and write a review, same lengths as Option #1
    Option 3 - attend a junior high or high school concert, write a review of the concert and attach the program.  Same lengths as Option #1
    Option 4 - bring in materials for class use such as Kleenex, hand sanitizer, or case of water bottles.  This option may only be used once in the event of an extended absence, and only with teacher and parent permission.