• English 12                                                                                    Jennifer Muldoon

    2016-2017                                                                                                        480- 812-7895          



    Course Outcomes

    Increase vocabulary and grammar skills

    2.     Communicate verbally and in writing using correct grammar, usage, and mechanics

    3.     Read, comprehend, and analyze literature (short stories, poetry, non-fiction, plays)

    4.     Express a written and verbal understanding of work

    5.     Demonstrates various writing styles (persuasive, essay, letter, literary analysis, poetry, and research paper)

    6.     Develop and write a working personal resume

    7.     Understand and recognize elements of poetry, short stories, and dramas

    8.     Demonstrate correct speaking techniques while delivering a presentation

    9.     Successfully complete long term projects

    10.  Cooperate with other students to meet individual and group goals

    11.  Develop and strengthen listening skills



    ·         Three ring binder - with paper supply

    ·         Pencil and/or pen (blue or black only)

    ·         All handouts and study guides you are given during the quarter



    When the bell rings:

    ·         Begin warm-up on the board (when applicable)

    Class dismissal:

    ·         Do not pack up until I instruct you to do so

    ·         Stay in your seat until I dismiss the class

    ·         You may not “hang out” at the door and wait for the bell to ring


    Classroom Policy

    All of the school rules and guidelines outlined in the Student Handbook will be followed in the classroom. Students are also expected to uphold the following rules of behavior in the classroom:

    Respect Others

    ·         Their property, their space, their individuality

    ·         Allow others to voice their ideas without the threat of “put-downs” and/or “teasing”

    ·         Do not talk while I am talking or when a peer “has the floor”

     Respect Our School

    ·         Take pride in your surroundings

    ·         Keep your desk and surrounding area clean

    ·         Pick up litter – even if you did not put it there

    ·         No food or drinks in class (except water)

    Respect Yourself

    ·         Come prepared and stay positive

    ·         Expect the best from yourself

    ·         Select a positive goal and then get it done


    Homework is due at the beginning of class unless otherwise stated.


    Make-Up Work

    If you have an excused absence, you have the same number of days you were absent to make up the assignment.  If you are in class the day the assignment is given and then are absent until after the due date, the assignment will be due the day you return.  It is your responsibility to ask for any missing assignments, quizzes, and handouts that you missed while absent.  If you need extra time to complete an assignment, you will need to get it approved before the assignment is due. 


    Late Work

    It is very important that you turn in your assignments on time to be successful in this class.  Late assignments will be accepted with the following point reductions:

    1 school day late    =  10% off

    2 school  days late =  20% off

    3 school  days late =  30% off

    4 school days late  =  40% off

    5 school days late  =  50% off

    * no late assignments will be accepted after 1 week past due date*


    Long Term Assignments

    All students are expected to turn in long term assignments on the day they are due whether they are in school on the due date or not.



    Administration and Security will be sweeping students who are not in class on time

    • If you are ‘caught in the sweep’ and an assignment is due, you need to bring it to me before the end of the day (2:15pm) or it will be late.
    • If you are ‘caught in sweep’ and miss a quiz or test, you must see me before the end of the day (2:15pm) to set up a time to make it up or you will receive a ZERO.
    • If you are ‘caught in the sweep’ and an assignment is given, you must see me before the end of the day (2:15pm) to get the assignment and/or handout. 

    Office Hours

    Tuesday 2:30pm – 3:30pm

    Thursday 2:30pm – 3:30pm

    You are now a senior and your graduation is dependent upon passing this class.  You must take this class seriously and make an effort to do all you can to be successful in here.  June will be here before you know it.  Save yourself and your parents some headaches; start taking care of business today!  I want you to have a wonderful and fun senior year – one you can look back on for many years to come and be proud of what you have accomplished!