• Walter Murray

    Economics Class Syllabus


    What are the class expectations?

    This classroom is a place of learning so follow these steps: Come in and sit down – make yourself comfortable in this learning environment.  Be quiet – quiet yourself - put out of your mind all outside distractions and focus on this class and the task at hand.  Listen – engage yourself in the learning activities – be an active participant in the learning process.  Take ownership of and responsibility for your learning.


    What’s the class about?

    The study of economics is the study of making choices amidst scarcity.  Economics is the study of why a selection was taken from the various choices or opportunities available – trade-offs.  Economics seeks to explain the rational for making that particular selection, and then an examination of the resulting consequences of the decision.


    Topics we will cover: What is economics?  What is Capitalism?  Supply and Demand.  Price.  Economics of the Environment.  Trade.  The Great Depression and The Great Recession.  Personal Finance (How much is enough?).  Money and Banking.  Is Capitalism Good for the Poor?  The Value of an Education.


    Lessons will be presented in ways that make a seemingly complicated subject easily understood and user friendly.


    Why do we need to learn this anyways?

    There is a method of thinking – a way of thinking – that economics instills.  That way can lead you to success.  The thinking skills, the understanding of why consideration of choices is so critical to success in life is valuable.


    When can I go to the bathroom?

    One person at a time will be allowed to go to the bathroom.  If the teacher thinks the student is abusing this simple policy alternative individual guidelines will be imposed on a case-by-case basis.


    What’s my grade?

    Grading is based on the culmination of all grades in each category:


    In-class assignments

    Corporate and business research

    Participation points based on attendance - “Students enrolled in a zero hour class with excessive absences and/or tardies, and failing the class may be removed from the class. The class with be offered periods 1-6 or online after school with a fee.”
    Make-Up Work - Assignments missed due to unexcused absences will only be counted as half credit.  Missed assignments must be made up within a reasonable amount of time.

    100 – 90% - A

    89 – 80% - B

    79 – 70% - C

    69 – 60% - D

    less than that – F


    What kind of things are we going to be doing?

    The class will be comprised of reading and answering textbook assignments, extra article assignments, individual and group projects, computer lab assignments, videos on a wide variety of topics.


    Do I have to take the final?

    All students will take Final Exams. Students who have no more than 4 absences (one tardy or sweep counts as one absence) in the class and a grade of 75% or higher, and who are present in class on the final exam day, may choose whether or not to have the final exam calculated into their grade. This policy does not apply to courses which may require final exams, including but not limited to IB, AP, and Dual Enrollment classes.



    Who are you?

    Built custom furniture through my 20’s after moving to Arizona in 1984.

    B.A. from Grand Canyon University, majoring in History with a minor in Political Science, graduated 1994.

    M.Ed., Secondary Education, from Northern Arizona University, graduated 2000.

    Have completed 69 graduated level hours of classes.

    Taught at Bogle and Willis Junior Highs before coming to CHS in 1999.


    How do we get a hold of you outside of class?

    The best way is by e-mail murray.walter@cusd80.com, you can call and leave a message at 480 812 7796.  I teach a 0 hour class so most days I will leave right after school.  You will also find me in the football score box, or keeping score at basketball games.


    Class Schedule











    Room Number - Subject

    221 -  Economics

    221 - Prep

    221 - Government

    221 - Government

    221 -  Government

    221 - Government

    221 - prep