• Honors Spanish 3 (2019-2020) 

    This course is designed to improve students’ skills acquired in the first two years of language study.  In Spanish 3 emphasis will be on practical conversation, reading and discussion of short stories and compositions.  Authentic literature will be introduced and discussed. 

    Native Speakers may take this course.
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    I will post assignments, announcements, videos for extra help and you will turn in some assignments via this Google Classroom.
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    Period 3 class code: irydn8w  
    Period 5 class code: u4m5dv
    _____________________________Dual Enrollment_______________________________
    Earn college credit through CGCC
    Fall Semester (SPA 101) = 4 credits
    Spring Semester (SPA 102) = 4 credits
    I will share more details about registration and cost in class!

    BBC Mundo

    How can you improve your Spanish?  Check out these sites below! 
    Speak, Read, Play, Listen and Watch your way to fluency!
       http://www.ver-taal.com/ (anuncios, cultura, reportajes, trailers)
        www.quizlet.com  (search "Spanish")

    Visit http://www.ver-taal.comcomplete activities under the “REPORTAJES” and “ANUNCIOS” tabs… great audio practice!!