What's your Job?


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    What's your Job?

    How much do you need to earn for the lifestyle you want?

    Females Interested in Math & Science






    Career Interest Survey



    Refer to the ECAP website of Hamilton High School. It is located under the Information tab. See Mrs. Lytle in D100 for Hamilton's username and password if you do not recall yours. AZCIS - Arizona Dept of Ed Guide

    Careers In Cyber Security


    Visit this website to see information about 20 different degrees in cyber security, including job responsibilities, requirements, growth opportunities and more. www.cyberdegrees.org/jobs  

    Clearinghouse on Assessments


    The following site contains many different interests, including how to choose a major; How to choose a job; Personality Indicators.

    Learn how to get there! Career Guidance!


    Each career has its own customized "how-to"guide, which starts by addressing important questions such as 'What does amedical assistant do'? and 'What skills are needed to succeed'?  The guide then dissects each of theeducational and professional steps needed to enter the field, includingcoursework in high school, a college degree, on-the-job training,apprenticeships, and professional exams and certifications.


    Healthcare Careers




    This site lists many registered nursing programs throughout the United States. It also explains how to find a program that fits as well as other important information. Be sure to click on the college you are interested in and read the information from their source as well. http://www.registerednursing.org


    This guide will help you find the career that meets your needs including projections from the US Burear of Labor Statistics. Healthcare Career Guide