Criteria For Writing A Current Event Article

    Mrs. Tate  -  Social Studies Classes




    ·       You first must put your first and last name on all assignments

    ·       Put the date it is due  (due each Monday unless otherwise informed)

    ·       Put the number of the article  (example Article # 1)

    ·       The information must be within the last two weeks or;

    ·       It must be on a historical related event

    ·       Tell where you found your information (internet, newspaper, video, etc.)

    ·       If applicable, staple a copy to the back of your numbered article.

    ·       First part should be the introduction to the article

    ·       Second part should be the body or summary of the event

    ·       Third part should be your conclusion which should include why you chose this article and if you liked it or not and why.

    ·       Must be 50 words or more (1/2 page minimum)

    ·       Each Current Event Article is valued at 10 points

    ·       Additional information will be given extra credit points

    ·       See Mrs. Tate for additional instruction if needed.

    ·       Enjoy!!!