•  GO Math!

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    This year your child will be using a new math program called GO Math! that offers an engaging and interactive approach to covering the Arizona's Common Core State Standards. The program combines 21st-century educational technology along with interactive activities that emphasizes understanding, computational fluency, and real life applications. Click here to learn a little more about the curriculum. 
    Features of GO Math!

     Write-in Student Edition - The write-in book at every grade allows students to problem solve, record, and practice right in their own book.  Each lesson also includes 2 pages of practice and homework!

    • Interactive Student Edition – This is an online interactive approach to developing the lesson concepts. Concepts can be practiced and reinforced at home. 

    • Math On The Spot Videos – These are instructional videos featuring GO Math! authors that provide an engaging tutorial to demonstrate important concepts and skills. These can also be accessed at home for parent and student support. Click here to sign-up for video support at home.  

    • The Personal Math Trainer– This online resource includes personalized practice, homework, and assessments. Click here to take a closer look at your online resources that can help you and your child work successfully together. 

    How can I help my child with math at home?

    - Encourage your child to identify and solve everyday problems involving numbers.

    - Talk about the importance of math and how it is used in daily life.

    - Show patience- Just because your child seemed to understand a math concept yesterday doesn't mean he or she will remember it       today. Kids (and adults)  usually need multiple exposures to a new skill or concept before it sticks. 
    - Give praise- celebrate effort and accomplishments. Keep the tone positive to keep frustration and anxiety low. 
    - Schedule time- choose a regular time for math homework, before your child gets too tired to handle any challenges.  

    Review your child’s homework and ask them to explain how they arrived at their solutions to problems. Fixing any errors is not

         necessary, errors brought to school open up discussion and further student learning and understanding.