• Syllabus

    Posted by Janine Hernandez on 8/11/2020

    Each class syllabus is posted in the Google Classrooms.  Please take a few minutes to review it with your child and then sign the last page.  I have asked the students to upload and attach it to the assignment in Google Classroom rather than email it to me.   I have asked them to do this because all work needs to be submitted this way and it will help them figure out how the process works.   

    I have a Power Point  uploaded in the materials and resources in each Google Classroom showing them how to attach work.

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  • Google Meets Times

    Posted by Janine Hernandez on 8/11/2020

    Google Meets will go live at the following times throughout this quarter on the class's block days:

    Periods 1 & 2:  8:30 am

    Periods 3 & 4:  10:30pm

    Period  6:         1:30 pm

    If your student cannot make the scheduled time, please email me and I can share a link for him/her to join another session.

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  • Welcome To Pre-Algebra

    Posted by Janine Hernandez on 7/19/2019

    Welcome!   A few helpful hints to prepare your child for next week.  Please share this with them.  

    • Come ready to learn.  Bring something to write with and write on.  A planner is a very useful tool as well.
    • Come ready to meet new people and make new friends.   Step out of your comfort zone a little and meet someone new.
    • If you are lost, ask for help.  You will be among the hundreds that are lost, so ask for help.
    • Bring a positive attitude.  It's going to be a great year and I look forward to meeting you all.


    See you all on Wednesday!

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