Spanish 1

    Señor Bader...Room C401



    1. Spanish 1 is an introduction to the Spanish language with some basic cultural concepts.


    1. The Spanish assignment calendar is a communication tool between teacher and parents/student. It provides all assignments and objectives for each block.


    1. Homework assignments on the assignment sheet are worth 20 points and full credit is given if the assignment is turned in on time with 70% or better accuracy Late work is accepted at 50%. 


    1. Learning vocabulary is not assigned as homework but to be successful in this class,      

          students should spend 5-10 minutes nightly looking over their vocabulary.         


    1. The majority of extra credit is received through earning peso picks. Pesos are earned by doing   extra well in class or working well in groups.


    1. Cooperative learning is an essential part of this class. We will work in groups.


    1. Spanish speaking days are worth 100 points and make up approximately 35% of the



    1. Each week, students are required to listen or watch 1 hour of Spanish at 10 points per

         week outside of class.  Parents will sign assignment sheet when the hour is completed.

         A  signature is required for full credit.  Hours may not be made up nor done in advance.


    1. Students are encouraged to get extra help after school or during conference. If I am not      

          available, there are other Spanish teachers that have tutoring after school.


    1. The best way for parents to help their student is to monitor their student’s assignment sheet and

          to help with the learning of vocabulary.


    1. Bader1-12 internet assignments are due on test days and are worth 50 points. In order to

          receive any credit, at least 35 correct answers are needed.  This assignment may be done as

          many times as needed and the highest score will be recorded.   If your student is absent, the

          assignment must be completed by the starting time of their class the day it is due to receive full