•  Welcome Back to Medical Professions II my Baby Birds! Below are the forms you will be given on the 1st day of class however you are welcome to open/print/sign and bring with you (invite Mom/Dad/Guardian to read with you). I look forward to seeing you all again and instructing you for another amazing year in the BEST profession on the planet...Healthcare! This is the second and final year of the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program licensed by the Arizona State Board of Nursing (who governs our program and soon your License as an LNA). Last year Perry had a 90% first pass rate and 100% pass rate total. :-) As an Arizona State Board RN Test Observer I have a 100% pass rate expectation. :-) You can do it! I have added so many new things to our room to make it the optimal learning environment for you. I will keep the calendar up-to-date with all of our upcoming events AND we will be utilizing a class specific OneNote file for assignments and assignment return. I am trying to go as paperless as possible in preparing you for the college environment which is soon upon you...College does not utilize paper, everything is electronic. This course is very much ran as a College Freshman course. Your all adults, you can handle it. I have faith in you! Here's to an AMAZING year! Mrs. Nguyen
    2017-2018 Topical Outline-Updated - Our program planned for the two years by our New text. More labs and some dates I KNOW you want to put in your planners!
    MPII Syllabi - a MUST read
    MP Portfolio Requirements - a MUST for this year especially